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Midweek Update

If you are enjoying the challenge of Locktober, but don’t like to go entirely without, then you might like A Little Locktober Tease. There’s four of these Mind Control Fragments and all of them encourage you to stroke for a while. And they all tie in with the Marshmallow trigger, which will help you get through the month if you’re flagging!

Eunoia might be postponed a few more days. I’m eager to put out a few real (full-length) sessions before the end of the month and need to focus in on writing and recording them. There’s still only one of me. At the moment, the plan is to focus on our Breathing on Saturday the 23rd.

At the end of the month I plan to release a pair of sessions that tie in with the Sabriel trigger set in The Eternal Suitor. These are pure erotic hypnosis fantasy sessions, that sink deep down into that kink and revel in what makes it special. If you want a taste for what’s in store, by all means revisit The Apartment.

If you’re dying for a Permissive Circumstance today, well… today you absolutely have my permission as long as you’re listening to my voice. Be sure to let me know what helped you finish, because that’s my motivation to keep writing!

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