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Almost Eunoia (November 25th) – Black Friday and Pink Saturday

In this short-but-sweet episode I find the time to reflect on the fact that Black Friday has crossed the pond.

Even I have a Black Friday coupon code: BlackFriday21 for 35% off anything and everything in the shop. It works today and for the rest of the month, because I couldn’t decide what time-zone to set it for.

The new Maid Training trigger setting will be available on Saturday. I’ll allow you some time to get used to being my Prissy before putting out the first session. That one’s written and recorded, it’s a frivolous and rewarding experience that I’ll tell you more about on the weekend.

If you can’t wait for the weekend and want to begin your Maid Training today, the Margaret Trigger Setting is free in the shop.

The story of hosting a decadent dinner party with Pixie can be found in Under the Table.


Hey everyone, this is almost a Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. It’s for this week, leading up to Thanksgiving, which… hopefully, those that celebrate have great plans in the works. Those that don’t celebrate you can pretend to be American for a day, right? Maybe do a friends-giving and enjoy that.

It does seem like all around the world, even if you’re not doing Thanksgiving, all these companies are jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon. I have no idea why. Here in the UK we have Boxing Day, maybe that’s enough? Anyway, just saying this week.. bit crazy. Next week we will be back to… pretty much back to things as normal. I hope you enjoy what’s in the works for you, and… really, really happy with the responses that have been coming in lately, so keep that up.

Your homework is to enjoy yourself for this week… your Permissive Cirucmstance is “Yes, yes… you have my permission.” So have a wonderful holiday… and I will see you on Monday for an MCF, see you on Tuesday for Eunoia and see you this week for a little bit of… Pink… fun?

Bye for now.

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