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Eunoia (November 30th) – Happy Harem Heights and Christmas Lights

In this instalment I disappoint at least someone by admitting that I don’t have a dentistry fetish.

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Today is Tuesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all abou the connection between us outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon or the Spoken by Elswyth website to be included in the Listen section. And then you know the drill… continue on to Obey for the Homework, Permissive Circumstance, and so on.

Okay, so; you know how when you’re going to have something done everybody has to tell you their horror story? I knew I was going to end up with this crazy root canal, and I’ve never had like… any major dentist thing ever. Anyway, everybody wanted to tell me their crap and it’s like “No… no thank you! I don’t want to dwell there.”

I just hate the horror stories, anyway… so it wasn’t too bad, I don’t really reccomend it for a fun time, then again I’m not a masochist so who knows? But it’s, yeah… it hasn’t been too bad. I just, you might notice, I’m talking a little bit funny because I’m just trying to make sure that my teeth just don’t clack together in an unpleasant way. Something you don’t really think about until you spend too much time thinking about your teeth.

Anyway, so… that’s what was going on, you did not, oh my poor dears, you did not get an MCF. But, I will make it up to you. You know I like to give you good things. Oh, speaking of good things, welcome in to Jay, James, Shane and Daniel. That makes ninety-six, so… ninety-six coming up to the end of November, that ain’t bad, right?

If you plan to get in on my training spots for January, make sure you grab yourself one of those last four spots.

So the Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I wasn’t quite sure if I was gonna bother, but you know… I’ve got Bunny and some marketing people and they know how lackadaisical I can be about some of this, so… anyway… I threw that out there and actually, it was so much fun. I, ummm… yeah. I like it because a flurry of downloads and things like that happen, so I’m able to actually see what people are gravitating towards, and let me just say, there are a lot of maids in training out there.

And I know I keep mentioning January and yeah, we’re not even in December yet… yes my Christmas tree is up! But lots of my dear Happy Harem members they’ve told me that they are pretty swamped. Like the latter half of December, whether it’s y’know… travel to go over the river and through the woods… I forget how the rest of that song goes. Or it’s some people having some much needed holiday, and for a few of my… a few of my poor dears, they’re basically just owned by their employers. I think a lot of people are stuck being on call.

So, with all of that in mind, I’m just kind of looking at what we’re doing through December to get us to the best start for January, for that 2022… I know that I’m starting with those affirmations. I love affirmations and you guys love to send me affirmations. I especially like out kind of affirmations.

So for this weekend we’re going to have a public session that’s going out. It’s going to deal with all about this holiday season while keeping in sight who you are, what you want to be, and so on… it’s going to be a blend of your everyday life, and our shared reality. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be about mundane guilt… nor is it just about self-help, whatever. It’s a real talk between a Mistress and her man.

So I want you to take a moment, and just shake everything out. Right, roll your shoulders up… back… down… how good does that feel? This onw simple thing. One simple act, bringing pleasure to you. Take a breath in to four. And breathe out to five. In again to four. And out again to five.

Good job, breathe normally. Go ahead and maybe roll your hands around, stretching out your wrists. We can do your head too, stretching your neck, maybe clockwise circles… counter-clockwise…

Your homework for today is to spend some time saying goodbye to November. Maybe write down some things you loved about the month. Maybe send a text to a friend, a family member, somebody who needs to hear from you. Tell them some of the stuff you enjoyed this month. Depending on the friend you may or may not want to mention what we play with. And then ask them… ask them what you enjoyed about their November.

And then get ready to say hello to December. Realise that yeah, it might be dark by five, except for those of you who don’t live with the impending Winter Gloom. Ummm, ahhh… I kinda envy you! But, there is something special about seasonal change. It means you get to experience the world around you in a different way… which is nice, right?

I love Christmas lights, I love Christmas decorations… to me they’re just this… they’re just this really nice thing that perfect strangers do for other perfect strangers so we can all enjoy it. So, when it gets dark earlier, it means they’re just brighter.

Okay, enough rambling from Mistress Elswyth. Let’s go ahead and talk about your Permissive Circumstance. You have my permission today, if… okay… put your… what is it Kindergarten teachers say? “Put your listening ears on!” You have my Permission if you can spell the word [REDACTED] without looking it up.

Good luck, and enjoy yourself!

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