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Eunoia (December 3rd) – Spelling Bees and Covered Knees

In this episode I share some Affirmations from the hat.

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Today is Friday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about our connection between us, outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon or the Spoken by Elswyth website to be included.

So, first of all let’s start with welcoming our newest Happy Harem members. We have Niccolo and… okay, I don’t know if this is actually supposed to be Arthur, or Artur. I have a knack for mispronouncing names. And because you all are so very lovely, I usually get very gentle reminders of how to say them correctly. Anyway, I appreciate that. I think it’s probably why I didn’t do shout-outs for the longest time.

I guess I could just rename you all. I could have like… Pete Number One, Pete Number Two, Pete Number Three. Which number Pete do you want to be? Let me know. Oh, for the Hugge… some misheard that word, and went for “Hoohak”. Yeah, I gotta be honest with you, sitting in that dimly lit, smoke-filled room it’s not really my thing. And… I could do a steam room.

Okay, if you are up for sitting in a dimly-lit steam room with me, let me know… because that… that counts as Hugge. And through the Tell Me Good Things form I saw… you guys, oh my goodness, I saw so many bizarre spellings. So many.

Anyway, H. U. G. G. E. There you go. My condolences by the way, to Teaseme… who was a little further south in Spain. If I ever wish to be kind while testing your spelling I’ll be sure to include a definition. We’ll have one of those old-fashioned spelling bees, where the word is said two-three times and used in a sentence. We’ll do that.

Oh, these last few days have also been a flood of messages about people’s desires to hear more about Prissy. Over on Patreon, Andrew shared his thanks and he said this…

“Perhaps it’s your silky, sexy voice that’s so enticing, but I found myself in a local store, looking for pantyhose to wear. Now I don’t know if this is due to Prissy having such a lowly status, or my own slutty mind, but the first pair I picked up were fishnet tights. Eventually I left with three different pairs and currently enjoying wearing a pair of black, smooth pantyhose as I write this.”

Well done, Andrew.

Now that we’re getting into to Obey part of today’s Eunoia, I want you to take a moment, do that scan from your head down to those toes, find a spot that just feels… good… to release. Maybe if you’re standing it’s like… hula-hooping those hips around? If you’re sitting, perhaps on the train or a bus or whatnot, just tilt your head side-to-side.

Take a good breath in. And let it back out. And do that again, because if it was good the first time, it’ll be good the second time, right? Good, deep breath in… and out again.

So, your homework for today are affirmations to repeat aloud, or to meditate on. I’ve had affirmations coming my way, so I’m just kind of… being like that… well, I guess it wouldn’t be a Bingo Caller, I was going to say, you know… just someone who kind of rifles their hand around in the hat and pulls a couple out, that’s what we’re doing, okay?

So the first one is this; I’m hot as fuck. Now that one’s good, isn’t it? I’m hot as fuck. If you’re alone you could like… shout it. That could be fun.

I accept my body.

I deserve pleasure in my life.

My body has needs that deserve to be heard.

I surround myself with authentic people.

Sexual pleasure is a gift that I can give myself.

So for today’s Permissive Circumstance you have my permission if you meditate on one, or all, of those affirmations, and focus on them as you seek release. You can write them down, pick a favourite, your choice… and I’ll see you tomorrow, Saturday, for a session release, and then fingers crossed things go well for Monday for another Mind Control Fragment.

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