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Eunoia (December 7th) – Oat-Based Motivation

In this episode I share just the tip of some elf-related fantasies.

If you aren’t a Patron, and you want to know more about PTTFO, you can find it here.


Today is Tuesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon or the Spoken by Elswyth website to be included in the first half, and then continue on to Obey for the Homework, Permissive Circumstance, and so on.

Alright, so… today we are going to welcome in three new Happy Harem members, so hello to David, and to Alex, and Joep. I always love having new Patrons come in, partly because I like to find out how you found me. I think that’s one of the most fun parts. So for David, he mentioned that the MCF’s on Youtube are what led him to me, and hopefully David you found that the rest of the Mind Control Fragments, they’re on the website.

I kinda lost the love for posting everything up on Youtube. I am liking this new software that throws the things over there, so I am going ahead and doing that. My apologies-ish to those of you who leave the YouTube comments, and I don’t always get back to you. I do if you send me a message, through Patreon or the website, I’m pretty good about that.

I confess… you know how there’s certain websites that you just don’t get on with? I know people who never get on Facebook, and others who can’t stand Reddit, or whatever else. And I know that Youtube has all this great content that people really enjoy. Here and there, you know, I will look, but overall there is just something about how cluttered it all is that I don’t like… so that’s why I’m really bad at the comments.

But as my Happy Harem can attest, I am really great… really great at getting back to you guys when you send me a message you know, through Patreon or just through the email or what-not. That’s why I limit my Happy Harem members to a hundred because getting to know you is vital to, y’know… playing with you.

So hopefully David you will find the rest of those Mind Control Fragments. I haven’t made a new one in a little while. I think it might just be due to the schedule, so I’m looking at perhaps releasing them in the middle of the week instead. Getting my Monday back to being my “I love Mondays” and Eunoia, and the Mind Control Fragments going in on a different day.

Meanwhile, Alex asked about the PTTFO… remember what the F stands for? And I know are a few other sessions Patrons haven’t been able to find, so… I actually have a happy little elf who… I kinda wish was dressed like an elf. Who wants to be my elf? Seriously, put your hands up if you’d be willing. The whole thing; the little shoes with the bells on them, the tights that show off everything… what else would my elf wear? Oh… a hat. Yeah, I think that’s it. I have a happy little elf working on tracking those down to make those easily available.

As you know, I’m currently trudging through that part of the year when I have to get up well before the sunshine… so here’s my spot of happiness because I fucking love summer here because as like 4:45AM the birds are like “Yeah! It’s morning!” and they start singing, the sun is up, you have daytime for ages, and it’s brilliant. And I obviously need to have a second home somewhere else so that when winter creeps in I can just go have summer again.

But no snakes. No poisonous snakes. If there’s non-poisonous snakes I’m actually kinda okay with that. I don’t care about spiders whatsoever, that’s fine. No snakes that would be my only rule. I’ve been… it really actually is morning, it’s 10:08AM here (London time) I’m just kind of giggly, I think I’ve had too much coffee. I’ve had too much shopping. I’m excited about Christmas and I’m hoping most of you guys are as well.

And here’s my other happy spot… so here we go. So because I’m getting up before the sun, I have to get out with the doggos in the morning, I have a new ally in this fancy bakery-coffee-shop thing that just opened up not too far from me. And who will make me an oak… not oak… an oat… we’ll see if that gets edited out or not. Will make me an oat-milk latte or cappuccino… so by the time I get home, it’s the perfect thing to help me warm up my fingers and start typing… do something useful or maybe something fun. So that’s been a reason to stay here this winter.

And thank you so much to Raymond for this lovely recipe book that arrived from my wishlist. I love so many of the things in this… it’s a Mediterranean Vegetarian cook book, but it’s not like… 50 ingredients per recipe. I know I have some harem-members who love cooking, and love the more detail-oriented and challenging the recipe, the better it is. That’s not me, most of the time, so I’m excited about this cookbook. So thank you very much for that.

So, okay… let’s do this. Let’s skip ahead now to your homework, but because this has been a giggly, chatty over-the-top session I want you to refocus. Focus on the sound of my voice. Ooh… some of you just got a tingle. I know you did.

Take a deep breath in.

And out.

And I don’t care where you are right now, unless you’re driving… I want you to have your hands open, palms up in front of you. You can hold them out that way, you can put them on your thighs.

Breath in again.

And out.

And in.

And one more out, all the way. And then breathe normally.

Look at you. It doesn’t take much to get you to be obedient, does it? Your homework is an opportunity to be creative, so send me a Warm Thought. Maybe it’s something you came up with, or you’re sharing from elsewhere. I love a good quote… make it one I haven’t heard before, right?

But send those warm thoughts through Patreon or on the website and… yes… the prompt it’s supposed to be open to a little interpretation. I did already have a few notes about how enticing the dimly lit steam room would be, and I have no doubt that a few of you are loving the elf idea.

Okay it’s December 7th as I mentioned earlier… so if you’ve managed to get this far into the month without having heard at least one verse of “Last Christmas” you get my permission today. And unless you’ve been living under a rock that probably means… none of y’all have my Permission today!

I love you, I will talk to you tomorrow.

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