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Eunoia (9th November) – Senses Visualisation

In this episode the circling helicopters might have finally found me.


Today is Thursday, and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of those Femdom Hypnosis sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon, or the Spoken by Elswyth website to be included in the listen section and continue on to Obey for the Homework, Permissive Circumstance, etcetera.

For today we’re talking about the eight sesnse. It should come as no surprise that people experience the sessions that we have in different ways. There are highly visual people that can recreate elaborate settings in their mind. While others, they prefer to focus on the sensation of breath and relaxation.

So there are eight senses. Truly… well, at least eight? Right? Do you know them… I can hope you can easily rattle off at least five! I’ll give you a moment to think about it while you breathe. We’ll do my favourite box-breathing. Breathing in to four, holding for four, out for four, and my apologies if you can hear the crazy helicopter overhead… there it goes, but it keeps circling, so… I don’t know what they’re doing. So it’s either, deal with helicopter noise or never get the Eunoia out. But we can ignore distractions, can’t we? And you can always focus on me.

So breathe in to four. Hold for four. Out for four. Wait for four.

In, two, three, four. Hold, two, three, four. Out, two, three, four. Wait, two, three, four.

In, two, three, four. Hold, two, three, four. Out, two, three, four. Wait, two, three, four.

Go on and continue if you’d like, or find the breathing pattern that works for you. So imagine the sound of a throng of people just talking, moving around. And y’know… masses large enough to let these sounds kind of mingle in together. There’s a piercing discordance of two, three, more voices that’s cutting through the sound of the gathered people. More tones join this and blend and swirl together, each rising and falling, but as yet with none discernible.

And now follow me here, and you’re sitting. You have a comfortable texture of a well-tailored shirt on. Your arm is already around the shoulder of the person next to you. Holding them close.

And then you smell… a little bit of a cloud maybe, of perfume, or cologne, maybe that lovely Black Opium. Or the fantastic cologne that I’m not going to share the name of… and this smell it came from somewhere behind you as someone passes and then moves along.

There’s the sound now, or the orchestra, because that’s what it is and where you are. It’s become progressively more pleasing and tuneful as they reach some consensus. They are joined by the occasional rumble of deep and rolling percussion, underpinning the now harmonious sounds the musicians are producing.

The room, it darkens steadily. The warm lights over the audience dim, and together these many people… they take their cue to quiet. Even as some still shuffle, soft-shoed, seeking seats.

So your homework for today is I want you to think about how you’re using your senses in everyday life, and in the sessions. Which resonate with you? The sensation play and so on that we go with. Which ones just make your body sing? And how do you twist the sessions that might not use your favourite way? That way they still work for you.

That’s your homework; you can share it with me, or not. You can literally go about your day, thinking about these eight senses and being aware that you’re experiencing them.

As I described the concert hall to you, I used five out of eight senses. Once you can put a name to two that didn’t feature, you have my Permission today. If you can’t already name eight senses, well… then you might have some reading to do. It’s always good to learn something new, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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