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Eunoia (10th December)

In this instalment I request acts of veneration.


Today is Friday. Fri-yay! Does that ever get old? I don’t think so. Uh, and this is Eunoia… Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our sessions.

So, yesterday we talked about senses, you got to go to the concert hall. It was a wonderful experience, right? I mean… we could really dress that one up to be a fantastic Femdom experience. I like taking a handsome man out.

But anyway, yesterday Robert sent in his homework and he wins as an overachiever. I mean, not only did he list out quite a few sessions and what sensory experience he prefers, and how they… kind-of… worked… for him. And he did tell me how different ones worked better than others, that was fun. And shared his preferences for sensory experience while still being oh so very charming and polite, and acknowledging that Mistress is always right.

He shared how he tweaks some of the visualisations to be movement based, because that is what sings to him. If it’s water that I’m describing, he feels the waves, the pressure, the water against his body, and his body rocking and moving. If it’s a candle flickering, he chooses to feel the varying amount of heat, like against his skin.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the glimpse into your brain, Robert, and knowing how you’re using our playtime together.

So tomorrow, Saturday, a new session will be released. Make sure you look out for that one. Your homework today, it’s to spend some quality time on your knees. It can be with an MCF, or another session. You can even listen to Eunoia again, listen to yesterday’s, go back to that concert hall… or simply turn on some music. I’d recommend something short, over like… Appalachian Spring, but hey, you do you. And then tell me about it.

Your Permissive Circumstance, well, it’s so easy because it’s all within your control. As long as you whisper, or shout, or moan, or hell just repeat in a monotone, my name, during your playtime… you have my Permission. Now isn’t that generous of me? Okay… get on with your day, and I will see you tomorrow for our new session together.

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