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As you mean to go on – Day 2

It’s still early enough in the year to begin your YearCompass.


This transcript is provided as a reference. If you haven’t listened to the episode already, then it’s not for you.

This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for submissive man.

Welcome to Day 2.

Yesterday I said you would need to have your thinking cap on for today. Remember that? Well let’s go ahead and get you ready to be open, accepting, clever maybe? I want you to start by just moving your hands. Twirling your wrists around, one way, another. Taking a good, deep breath in. Really feeling it go throughout you, and exhale.

And again, with breathing in… maybe rolling your shoulders, or your neck. And out. Breathing in, deeply again, filling yourself. And exhale. Continue breathing in deeper than normal. Exhaling slower than you normally would. If you’re standing, you can wiggle those hips around. Yeah, even if you’re around other people. Nobody’s going to notice; be brave.

As we’re entering into this new year, you’re going to find that my focus is on you. You want to be mine. You want to know exactly what makes my heart sing. What I find attractive. Irresistible. What I want to claim, as mine. Keep as mine. Train as mine.

Maybe give it a scrub here and there, to start over again because I do love that. It’s almost like a Monday; washing you clean, and then filling you back up again. A fresh start.

I want you to have your hands in front of you. Palms up. How does that feel? Like you’re ready to receive? Receive training, instruction, good things… and you do remember where all good things come from, don’t you? My clever one.

Well, although I told you you need to have that thinking cap on, you actually don’t. Not for today… I mean, some level of thinking is usually required, right? I want your creativity. So perhaps you did the New Years Resolution thing, right? So let’s see… run two miles daily. Five AM wake-ups. Dump the evening drinking. Give up the sugar, increase the water, whatever…

Did you, as someone who so wants to belong to me, did you leave space for creativity? The new hobby; maybe read 52 books this year, have that goal? Or improve upon a hobby? Or maybe, just writing a very lovely New Year’s note to your Mistress.

Hmmm? How lovely was it? I wished you a Happy New Year. Do you think you can improve upon that note? If so, that’s the task for today. Your Personal Circumstance is something a bit different. You have two options.

One; if you know that the note you sent came from the heart, it could not be improved upon, then you have my permission for release today.

Or two; if you had some special tingles in a special place when I told you how to hold your hands, well you definitely have my permission for today.

Before we go, before we wrap up our day 2 together, I want you to find your breath again. Breathing in. Maybe hold, and breathe out again. And continue on with that, breathing in, and out. And I want you to reflect on a few of these things. They are taken from the Year Compass, so maybe you did them already. But in this spot, where improving you, also mingles together with teasing you, let’s see what that brain of you, that mind, my playground, comes up with.

First, this year I will not procrastinate any more over… what? You know what it is. It came to you instantly.

This year I will draw the most energy from… now isn’t that a good one?

This year I will be bravest when…

This year I will say yes when… now that one, that one my dear, that is fucking easy, isn’t it?

I will say yes when my Mistress requires it. I will say yes when my owner calls for me. I will say yes when my Goddess wants my worship.

This year, I advise myself to…

This year will be special for me because…

And now one more. One more really good, deep breath in. And then a forceful exhale. All of it out. Clearing it out. Being ready and making space for more.

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