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Sets of three – Day 3

Read to try your luck with today’s clue? Go download Sets of Three Affirmations from the shop.

If you need another hint, you might get something out of my latest post on Patreon.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 3.

Today will have a couple of things that play with “three”, including your task, which is going to lead you over to the “Sets of Three Affirmations”. Before we get into that, and you have to put your thinking cap on, I want you to find a comfortable position. A comfortable, yet one that I’ll enjoy seeing you in. Come on, you can shift. Be a little bit more on display.

Breathe in to the count of three.
One, two, three… hold… and out.
One, two, three… breathe in, one, two, three, and out.
One, two three.

In again. One, two, three.
And… out. One, two, three.

Go ahead and continue at your own peaceful, relaxing rhythm. Bonus points if you stick to a count of three, or similar. Six. Nine. Twelve, twenty-seven. I mean, how crazy are you going to get? No passing out, because I do have important things to tell you.

So in that comfortable position of yours, still breathing away, I want you to tilt your face up. Chin up a bit. Head back. Imagine yourself as a three-leaf clover. Oh, no pouting. Do you really think you’ve really reached four-leaf clover status yet? So there you are, my three-leaf clover, face turned up to the sun. Imagine some roots going down… can you feel that? Keeping you grounded. What’s nourishing them? Who is nourishing them? Maybe imagine a little bit of rain just sprinkling down upon you. This one little cloud that floated across the sun, just to pour down some raindrops on your adorable face.

Take another deep breath in. This time, to six. And if you’re able, I want you to exhale all the way out to nine. Continue breathing. And now my dearest, you can change that rain shower, maybe to a regular shower. Whatever it is that throws you back to human form. Put on that thinking cap. And know that your task for today is pretty damn simple, but… but it still requires that you know a bit about me, which you should by now.

Your task for today is you will go to the website; Spoken by Elswyth dot-com. And you can look for today’s post or follow the link in the show-notes. And there you’ll see the Sets of Three Affirmations. They are free, if… if you use the code, and now the code, the code for you should be so easy to work out because I’ve made the clue simple.

In all lowercase letters, write out my favourite day of the week. The one that I always say that I just love. You can do that, right? I’m sure you know it, just like that.

And your personal circumstance for today? Welp… there’s none. You can wait ’til tomorrow. And I especially love knowing that you, my patient, obedient boy, will be waiting ’til tomorrow after hearing those affirmations. A set or two are definitely on the naughtier side, but that’s fine, right? You love anticipation.

And I will say, if you are hopelessly stuck and can’t figure it out that there will be a clue, a blatant clue placed on Patreon. As we progress through these days together, these little puzzles they’ll definitely get harder. But because I’m good to you, and I love to give you good things, there will almost always be an extra clue.

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