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Terms of endearment – Day 4


This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day Four.

You really got quite the thrill out of that Sets of Three Affirmation session, didn’t you? Tingles, shivers, in all the right places. I know which words to say to you to get to you. But let’s get back to talking about this new year, right? I’ve made the resolution to get more use out of my cane. I have a pretty fantastic one, I mean it’s simple, like; it can be in the corner and… most people probably wouldn’t figure out what it is. They would probably assume it has something to do with my love of houseplants, right?

Well the cane it was a birthday gift. I’ve had it for over a year and I love it. It makes a great noise and makes wonderful lines, but… it hasn’t performed as much as I’d like. And so my plan, starting with the New Year of course, was to use it every day. And yeah, that means I’m up to today, Day Four. I’m being gentle-ish. I’m a really good judge of what people can handle… anyway…

January First, well that was just one stroke, in the evening. Two on January Second, and you can guess how that goes. Building up slowly seems to be a good approach and y’know, I’m taking the same approach to this, I guess, “Season” of the podcast. I’m excited about some of the sessions I want to release soon, and working up to ten, twenty, thirty strokes too.

Don’t worry too much about the target that I’m practicing on. You know it’s never your jealousy that I want. You can envy… I mean, envy’s alright. Right? Though when it comes to sharing and emotions, the love and all of those things, I just like to keep it out of that box that other people seem to throw it in to.

Yesterday’s Sets of Three Affirmations, well they make the very firm point that I expect a certain degree of receptiveness and openess. Willingness, of course, to try things… and there’s a game that I like to play with that attitude in mind. My subtle… I can be subtle! My subtle way of providing a hint that my pet should be particularly enthusiastic about a suggestion is a sweet, little, friendly nickname… “dear”.

Oh dear… wouldn’t it be nice, dear, to visit some place together? Wouldn’t it be nice, dear, to wear this? Wouldn’t it be nice dear to feel the cane on your thighs, to know you’re giving me so much joy? Letting me have this time to spend on you? Creating those deliberate lines?

And when you hear “dear”, you’ll be filled with confidence. You’ll be reminded of your trust in me. You’ll know how much I need what I’m asking from you. Know how much I want you, to agree with me… and surrender. And you’ll say “Yes, Darling.”

Go ahead. Let’s practice that.
Let’s breathe in to the count of four. In…
And breathe out; say “Yes, Darling.”

In… two three four.
And out; “Yes, Darling.”

In… two three four.
And out; “Yes, Darling.”

In… two three four.
And out; “Yes, Darling.”

Your homework for today is to practice a little bit of romance. I want you to make a list of a dozen terms of endearment. You can do that. And then your Personal Circumstance… it’s if you can do that dozen in under one minute. You have my Permission.

2 thoughts on “Terms of endearment – Day 4

  1. Homework completed Goddess although unfortunately I was unable to complete it in the desired time frame. Managed to get Sweetheart, Princess, Sweet Pea, Queen, Peach, Love, Cutie Pie, Petal, Angel, Teddy Bear, Buttercup and Honey. Yours forever subservient Sub R

    1. Buttercup is going to find its way into a session.. very cute.

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