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Dirty Talk – Day 11

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training, for the Submissive Man.

Welcome to Day 11. We’re going to talk a bit about dirty talk. Both inside of Femdom hypnosis sessions, and outside of it. You know… everyday life stuff.

So what is your yum, when it comes to dirty talk? What if you could be guaranteed to hear exactly what you crave said to you in the next full session? That particular phrase that never fails? More on that later… let’s get you breathing and moving first.

So for today’s position, today’s pose, I’m going to give you a bit of leeway. If my dearest is out and about and it a situation where you can’t really call attention to yourself, how about you just take your left hand, and place it over the wrist of your right? That feels good. And if you do have full freedom of movement, I want you on your knees. Either up, or resting back on your heels. You decide.

For breathing today, you can go slow. You don’t have to rush. Take your time with “In”, and slowly, ease it “Out”.

In. And Out.

Slowly, deeply, back in. And out.

Find your rhythm, but keep it slow. Sensual. A few of the phrases that I enjoy, off the top of my head… I think the first one especially for when enduring, is “You’re doing so well for me.”

“How badly do you need this?”

“I love it when you’re ass-up on the bed.”

“You were made to be used by me.”

“I’ve been thinking how I’ll take you all day.”

Do you feel inspired yet? How about these ones?

“I love how you take everything I give you.”

“I give you good things.”

Or the one that almost always creates a tingle… “You may need to use your safeword tonight.”

And finally… “Shush… or I will gag you.”

So, my obedient one, my careful listening one. I have two tasks for you today. The first is an opportunity to show of. To share more. To let me in a bit more. Share with me your favourite Dirty Talk phrase, that personal yum. And, I’ll be choosing some of them to use in the upcoming session that’s all about endurance.

But as I mentioned, there’s also a way to have it guaranteed, as long as your phrase isn’t ridiculous.

The other task; Dirty Talk, as I said, is all about listening to my words, what I say to you, carefully crafted for you. Over the first ten days of this series, there have been multiple instances where a key two-word phrase has been misspoken, on purpose or not, who cares? But it is out there.

Your task, my beloved, is to tell me which episodes, which day, the misspoken phrase appeared in. For my Patrons, I’ll provide a hint of how many days this mistake-or-not occurred, so you’ll know how many to find. Send the day numbers to me, along with your yummy dirty talk phrase and the correct answers, well… as I said. Your naughty words are guaranteed to end up in that endurance session.

And once you’re done… your Personal Circumstance today is… yes.

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