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Am I wasting my time? – Day 10

Do you need help finding Day 6? It’s right here.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for the submissive man.

So here we are on Day 10. Now Day 10 might be just a smug reminder of how wonderful you are, or it could be a pretty shocking revelation that you’re not what you think. Before we get into all of that, let’s find ourselves closer together. I want you to shake off tension. Thoughts, distractions. A mental shake, a physical shake.

And breathe in.
And again, breathe in.
Breath in.

Continue to breath in deeper than normal, but not so much that you go under, or fall over. And now that I firmly have your attention, I want to talk to you a little bit about energy. And the flow of energy between me, to you, and back to me. I want you to realise and recognise that your needs, wants, they do extract a lot of energy to meet. Right? Think about it.

Think about the creativity. The practical. Everything that goes into my words reaching your ears. Draining me of energy, it doesn’t serve either one of us, does it?

Now in everyday life, in everyday life, our sessions would likely be met by… well, acts of service. The energy that you put back into us, it’s not just about serving me. It’s also about keeping my enthusiasm, my energy, my want for you, high. So these acts of service, while yes, they are obviously serving, they’re also replenishing, and protecting energy.

So, let’s see something. Let’s see if you have been giving me what I deserve by doing a quick flashback to Day 6. Part of all proper training is reinforcing ideas. It’s why the Femdom Hypnosis Sessions, you listen to those once, again and again, making sure those triggers and sensation, that they have found a home in that mind of yours. Every fire, burns hot and then, burns down. The wood falling in on itself, and it begins to choke out the flames. So reinforcing is stirring those embers, getting fresh oxygen in there and building it up again. Toss on another stick!

But not a particular stick. Do you remember which stick you found on Day 6? First, some simple housekeeping; if you didn’t listen to Day 6, go back and do so now. But, if you did listen, and you didn’t Obey, Day 6… stop listening entirely. Seriously. I’m not offering these sessions up each day as pure, passive entertainment. Even though they are enjoyable, right? I know I’m enjoying them. But I’m also working and investing in you. And I make sure that everything I ask for is something you can really do. Direction. Discipline. Service.

I understand if sometimes your day-to-day means not hearing me every day… but god I cannot tolerate laziness. I put a lot of energy into you and in return it is your job, your purpose, to give back to me. I put a lot of myself into this. Into you. And in return, I want a lot of you.

Even as I train you, your submissive self, your mind, should already be formulating how you will return that energy to me. Is it through a work of art? A work of words? An image that you know I’ll love? A small token to satisfy that gift-giving love-language? Or proof?

Proof that you’re steadily working towards a better you. To offer me the best pet possible. And remember, your ouchy stick? It needs to stay handy because it will be touched upon in the future. I know your tolerance varies, so again we’ll be using that honour system when we get there… but today is just a short, Monday reminder of expectations, and checking to see if you’re meeting them. We’ll cover the Ouchy Stick instructions later.

Today’s Permissive Circumstance is simple; if you made it to the end of Day 10’s message and you’re hearing this now, you have my Permission. It means you already did Day 6 and you obediently fetched your stick. Your task for today is to describe your Ouchy Stick. Either in your journal, or to me… you can send a picture.

You can write a poem… but if it’s a poem, I’m going to insist on a cinquain.
C. I. N. Q. U. A. I. N.
Google will likely be your friend on that one.

See you tomorrow.

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