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Slow down – Day 9


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for my submissive man.

Welcome to Day 9. This one is going out a bit later because it’s meant for relaxation. Maybe even one to listen to as you’re unwinding, getting ready to fall asleep. Or perhaps you’ve just finished a fantastic shower. Still warm, damp. And just want to have that quiet, peaceful bit extend longer.

I know that sometimes I’m guilty of… of needing speed in my life, of just the agony of being forced to slow down… like going into the shop and grabbing a few items, getting out to the checkout and then… the person in front of me has decided they have forgotten something and so they go to get it.

Or there isn’t a price-tag.
Or whatever else happens.
It, yeah, I think that’s one of my personal hells.

Now with that said… if you and I bumped into each other at a local park, I would chat with you about anything. Easily. Five minutes, ten minutes, more. With no problem. I guess it depends on whether or not there’s a task waiting. Oh, and speaking of tasks, there are none for today. There’s no homework. There are no clues, no puzzles, no Permissive Circumstances… awww… c’mon, cheer up. There’s just the stopping.

So with me, for a moment, if you’re doing whatever else, I dunno… brushing your hair or organising your socks, or… or ummm, organising the toy drawer… do most people have a drawer? I want you to stop.

Yep, that’s it. That simple. Whatever you’re doing, other than listening to me, stop doing that for a few moments. And now I want you to listen. Usually those background noises we just push away, and every time you push them away it helps you to focus more on me. You. Us. It takes you deeper.

But for today, for our Day 9, I want you to see if you can pick out some background noises. Maybe a sound that’s always there, and has been so there, that you totally don’t hear it any more. For me, in my everyday life, where I’m standing right now, speaking to you, it’s the occasional car going past. It’s not loud enough to be picked up… usually not loud enough for you to hear. Once in a while a big old truck goes rumbling by… and it’s so consistent in my life that I often don’t hear it at all.

And now I want you to look. You might have your eyes open already… I’m willing to bet they’re closed. Open your eyes. Now look for something dinky. Teensy-weensy. In your field of view. Okay, now find another thing. And one more. And yes, I know… stop, listen, look, is basically train-crossing advice, right? But just go with me on this… because these little details, these little things you can learn to pick out, they do enhance your creativity. And you know that I’m all about your creativity. So as you unwind for the evening, or maybe just unwind for an afternoon break… stopping, listening, looking at little details, it makes a difference, it truly does. Especially if you’re being creative with words, description.

For instance, in my everyday life, in front of me, on the wall, is one of those teensy-weensy artworks. I don’t know if they’re as popular as they are, used to be, but… about the size of a business card. People would do like, original inks, or oil paintings on them, and I love them. I mean how amazing to have this teensy-weensy piece of art. I think I’m said teensy-weensy three times already, that is not a clue, a hint or a puzzle, so don’t try to remember that. Let you brain relax.

Anyway… it’s hanging up over there. And because of the light that’s coming in through the side window, and the little piece of tape that’s holding it on has this glisten to it. And that has been my little detail that keeps catching my eye, is this glistening piece of tape. Probably because most people would notice the little piece of artwork, and maybe I’ve just admired that piece of artwork enough times that now it is the tape’s turn to shine.

So after look would be touch and smell. This I want you to do by imagining me, sitting in front of you. My hair is dark, it’s long. Use touch by pulling your fingers through it. Almost as if you’re going to separate it for a braid. Comb your fingers through it, partitioning it out to having three separate bits. Now lean forward. Inhale. You know my scent.

Good, isn’t it? This slowing down. You’re breathing slower than when we started… your heart rate is slower. Your mind is more relaxed. And I’m willing to bet you have a bit of a smile on your face.

So that’s it for our Day 9. Just slowing you down. Enjoying the little things. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to teasing you and more tomorrow. But for today I just… needed… this quietness, with you.

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