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Pebble Hunting – Day 19


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Fmedom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 19. I have three things going on in my life, which is probably why you’re going to hear some giggling going on.

One; I have Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee which is… amazing. I don’t think I’d be sold to always having flavoured coffee, but every so often this would be my go-to when I lived in the States. And I just love it.

Second thing; They are literally tearing up the road again in front of my home. I get it… when they upgrade certain things they have to like… run new whatevers, but with the number of times they tear up this road and like… cut across it, you think they’d just put grates or something there so they can just pluck ’em up.

So, if you hear some odd noises, consider it construction, training and just tune it out. Otherwise, I was never going to get to record today.

Third thing; the third thing is the main reason I am full of laughter today. I have this lipstick, and it came in this… you know how, not so much for work, but friends you might just have little gift bag for the holiday you give around to people and so on? And for one of mine I received this lipstick that is supposed to, well… I don’t know. Isuppose it’s plumping your lips, whatever.

My friend, she loves this one. I mean loooves it. I think she just might be just outing herself as a masochist because it… it isn’t horrible, but it’s very noticeable that my lips are still tingling. And I told her this, and then we both kinda laughed our assess off at the idea of like… putting it on, kinda nice and thick, turning up to a date, getting a great sloppy kiss in there, and then just watching the guy’s face.

Okay so, if you’re going on any dates any time soon, beware of tingly lipstick. Okay, none of that has anything to do with what we’re talking about today. What are we talking about today? Maybe it’s collars… or being on your knees, or how long can you edge until… until your little friend just says “Please, quit touching me.”

Or, hell… pissing yourself in the doorway. No, none of those. I mean you can still think about those things, that’s fine. Today we’re talking about things in your pockets.

So, give yourself a shake. Give yourself a deep breath in. Hold. Exhale.
Another deep breath in. Hold. Exhale.
And another, deep breath in. Hold. Exhale.

Continue breathing at your own pace, but you know… try to make it a little deeper and slower.

So, things in pockets. If you’re like me, if you put on your winter coat and put your hands in your pockets, you know what’s on the left side, what’s on the right side. Maybe you have a smaller breast pocket or so on, but you probably know, and it’s very familiar right? The keys, earbud-case, mask… oh, and of course, the phone.

Well, a bit ago I mentioned, in regards to the coin about the stones. And some part of your brain might be dealing with some FOMO there, so let me explain the stone. The purpose was to go out into nature, or Etsy, eBay, wherever, and look for a stone.

Now, I actually quite enjoy pebble hunting. When I was in North Wales I found this grey stone, and it has a perfect circle about the size of a dime, once again I’m trying to think of the British money and I can’t come up with one, so… American dime.

And maybe it’s not quite a perfect circle, but it’s very close. It’s a pale grey, on the darker grey stone. And being a Mistress, it’s a little bit like pebble hunting. You search through, you find quite a variety, you know can polish out the unnecessary bits, you can highlight the good qualities, you can smooth over a lot… but, sometimes that stone you find, that gleams so brightly at first, you find it only does so because it’s wet.

So, for today, for your task… should you find a stone? I don’t know. Let’s trust the coin to decide. Flip it, heads for yes… tails for no. And if your coin is within arm’s reach, right now, you have my Permission for Release, because you have met the Permissive Circumstance.

3 thoughts on “Pebble Hunting – Day 19

  1. Dear Mistress, I just feel compelled to thank you for all that you do. I found you on youtube with your mindfulness and meditation videos. I have now listened to all of your content…and I don’t know what I would do without you. Some of your videos has been so impactful. I dreamed about you the other night. Whoa. Sincerely yours, Mykel

  2. Darling Mistress,
    I first came across your work/play this past September, maybe late August. And I became a happy member of your harem soon afterwards. Lately I have been listening to eunoias from the past.
    This morning I woke up early, too early too get out of bed so I decided to listen to you and listened to last May’s Eunoia sessions.
    So when I decided to meet the day (a little before sunrise) you had almost literally been inside my head. On my night table I spied some loose coins. I looked to see if any of them were at all unusual and found a US Dollar coin with Ulysses Grant on heads with the Statue of Liberty on tails.
    I put it in the pocket of my terry cloth robe and stepped out on the veranda to watch the sunrise.
    Thus, the coin was sitting in front of me when I listened to Day 18. (When I flipped it it came up heads.)
    I feel honored and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you so much. You are my muse.
    Your Happy Servant,

    1. Oops (*Day 19)

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