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A Test of Patience – Day 18


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 18. And we’re going to do some practice that kind of works its way into being that statue… and its not just statue practice, I mean there’s other times when it’s important, and… fun… to stand and wait, right? To be submissive and be there.

Of course you could be the statue. You could just be showing patience. You could be waiting there with a warm, fluffy towel, though truth be told… I don’t actually like my towels all fluffy. I am very much one of those hang-em-up, and when they’re like almost stiff as a board, that scratchy-scratchy towel, that’s me. But it doesn’t really meet our little, our little fantasy here.

Warm fluffy towel. Warm fluffy robe, that’s pretty good… or you know, just being still to take in some pain, or an overload of pleasure.

You enjoyed the story of my statue who behaved brilliantly… who took on his role so completely, that even when the maid tried their hardest to distract him, he stood fast. Now be honest, could you stand so perfectly, flawlessly still as my statue did, for even… a half hour? Fifteen minutes?

I want you to practice this for me, and so… we’re going to develop the tools you need to be successful. And I’ll be able to take even greater pride in you.

Now you’re aware, as you’ve been listening over the last few weeks, and even earlier than that… I know that meditating on your breathing is a useful skill. And I help you learn it, and practice it, at every opportunity. Meditation is the other type of mindlessness that you can use to help you to be obedient. And meditation it often starts with just paying attention to the breath, and letting other things fall away.

And from that control of the breath, you can extend it into your posture. You don’t have to do yoga. You just have to be mindful about what positions you choose… it’s why in the Position Training session I’m so careful to list the little details that I’ll be looking for… the thing, you know, that I’m likely to critique during training.

So let’s go ahead, find a position, and we’re just going to do a few of these breaths. And then, throughout today you can go ahead and keep practicing. We’re going to count, well, in your head…

So breathe in… one.
Out… one.

Breathe in… one, two.
Out… one, two.

Breathe in… one, two, three.
Out… one, two, three.

Breathe in… one, two, three, four.
Out… one, two, three, four.

And breathe in… one, two, three, four, five.
Out… five, four, three, two, one.

Now continue on and your own pace. It’s good, isn’t it? You focus entirely on me, and you feel that breath going in, and out. Do that counting, that little practice session, throughout your day today… and I have a task for you. The next time you take a shower, preferably today, when that shower is done… I want you to turn the temperate down. Slowly down, no need to shock yourself. And then after, just a few seconds, turn it off.

Then, for no less than one minute, I want you to stand as still as you can be. You can even pretend you’re frozen solid. Four loops, five loops, through simple breathing… is plenty long enough.

Your Permissive Circumstance is this; you have my Permission, in the shower.

Yesterday, I asked you to find a coin, and if you didn’t already, you will need it for tomorrow.

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