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Honesty and forgiveness – Day 26


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 26. Now, it’s been a bit of time since you started this journey with me… and I have a small secret to reveal. We are at a milestone in this particular… uh… training series. The one that started on Day One. And do you remember how we started? Did you print out the Year Compass, or maybe fill it out digitally? Either way, I hope you gave it the time it deserved.

Today, I want you to prepare yourself for our conversation. So wherever you are I want you to put your hands on your thighs, with the palms facing up. Take a deep breath, and exhale it fully. Find a rhythm for your breathing that’s comfortable and relaxed. One that you can maintain as we, uh… talk.

That exercise, that task I set for you, taking the time to answer the questions in the Year Compass, I want you to spend some time reviewing it today. I want you to think about how you are progressing on your vanilla goals and aspirations. Or perhaps there are already some changes you’d like to make, because that is fine. And maybe not everything you wrote down is a vanilla goal, or habit… I kind-of expect that.

I’m laughing because I know what’s on my list.

But either way, this kind of process, this tool for mindfulness, it does rely on your honesty. And speaking of honesty, as you do this, I want you to pay particular attention to page… 10. Page 10 is about forgiveness, and the idea of forgiveness as it relates to power exchange play, it’s been on my mind, because you and I we know a little bit about forgiveness, right?

Now I know you’ve experienced pain for me because I asked for it. Is ask the right way to say that? Let’s go with that, it sounds so very polite. Because I asked for it. But maybe not because I felt like you deserved it. There’s catharsis in feeling those intense sensations for their own sake. But there’s a whole community of masochists, you know what let’s just call them spankos, because that’s what they call themselves, and because I fucking love that word, c’mon, it’s fun.

Spankos. Right? It’s fun.

And they know that real forgiveness, the kind that follows real discipline, visceral, painful, humiliating discipline, even… well that’s, that’s just the best kind. If you’re going to learn anything from our time together, then your honesty is a requirement.

So here’s your chance, today, to be honest. And, to seek forgiveness. Once you’ve spent your time with your Compass, you can tell me if you feel like you’ve failed in some way, with these past twenty-five days we’ve spent together. Now, I know… I know that we have a longer history, but we’re only focussing on Day One through to now.

Maybe you’ve been telling little fibs about your adherence to Permissive Circumstances, perhaps you’re only paying lip-service to the ideas in your affirmation sessions. Or perhaps, you’re Compass is still sitting on the printer tray, with not a single pencil mark upon it.

And if I feel like you need it, I’ll reach out and let you know how you can earn that forgiveness for your transgressions.

Today’s Permissive Circumstance is an exercise in… possible… frustration. You have permission for release, but you do not have permission to touch with your hands. Or even to hold a toy with them. In fact, cross your wrists behind your back while you seek orgasm.

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