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The Highlight Reel – Day 27

I believe I’m over my COVID-inflicted “persistent cough” and there shouldn’t be any more interruptions in our daily training for a while.

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This is Spoken by Elswyth, the femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 27. Wouldn’t it be nice, dear, to take some time to revisit some of the highlights of things we’ve done over the past few weeks?

In your mind, or in the flesh, find your… contrapposto. You do know how, right? Your weight on one leg. I know you did your research as I instructed. Are you imagining that axis from your foot, up through your abdomen, to the opposite shoulder?

Once you have the pose just right, you can find the breathing rhythm that works for you, a slow and steady in-and-out.

In. And Out.
In. And Out.

This pose isn’t the only thing you’ve been given as a tease, a taste of what I have in store for you. It wasn’t so long ago that you last put the Ouchie Stick to good use, and are those spots on your thighs still tender?

Soon you’ll choose, or flip a coin, and continue eagerly down one path or the other for me, and test yourself. You have some goals for yourself. Some wrapped up in your desires, and some vanilla aims, too.

I want you to work some regular listening into your other tasks and goals, now. The Dear/Darling trigger setting that you were so graciously given as part of this ongoing training, well I’m sure you’ve listened a few times, right? If you’ve been with me a while, or spent time exploring my website, then you might also have listened to Going Deeper Faster. These sessions are Foundational. They introduce triggers that I’ve used a number of times.

Do you know what makes the trigger settings work the best? Yes, regular exposure, regular conditioning. And they’re also best when reinforced. So I want you to find those sessions, those trigger settings that are important to you, and to our relationship, and I want you to make sure that they’re easily available to us.

This might be the two I’ve mentioned, and perhaps a few of my Maid Training triggers, or a version of Naughty… not right now, there’s no reason to feel pink-cheeked, Bunny…

Are you still standing, posing for me? I hope so. Even if you only envisioned being my statue, imagined it, be honest with yourself… did you relax? If you’ve managed to maintain the position I asked for as I spoke, you have my Permission for today.

Now, take your time to think it over, but make a commitment, a reasonable one, of which of these triggers you’re going to listen to on regular basis. Every other night? Twice a week? Rotating two, three, five trigger settings that you know are important to your training. Keeping these word runes glowing brightly, so I can use them in any way I please.

And if you’ve already made a commitment like this, tell me about it.

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