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Fresh start – Day 28

Go back to Day 22 or Day 23, if you need to.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 28. Yesterday was a milestone, and Day 28, it’s a fresh start. It’s like a Monday, without being aMonday… but lucky for us, it’s falling at the start of a brand new month.

And not just any month. There is a very special holiday hidden, right in the middle. Well I guess hidden isn’t the right word. There are cards and flowers and everything everywhere, right? But speaking of relationships and commitments, I love the messages of genuine commitment to practicing the trigger settings. My commitment, my promise to you, is that I will be taking the time to remind you to meet those expectations, keep those promises.

From today, whenever you reach that part of our daily time together where I give your permission, or not, you’ll know that I’m expecting you to keep up to date with your regular listening.

Now, it’s really time to make that choice. Are you going to test yourself with the stick over the coming weeks, or is it playing the role of my statue that’s got your attention? And yes, if you’re feeling indecisive it’s time to flip that coin.

Just like my promise to help you stay focused on your new regimen of regular listening, using those trigger settings, keeping them burning brightly. I’m going to be providing you with the tools you need to push yourself. For today, go back to Day 22, or Day 23, and let’s start exploring your tolerance.

Use those recordings, or sessions like Forniphilia, or “Warm Thighs”, or even something like Circles Within Circles for inspiration. And I want you to find some private time today, and with no particular pressure, work out how far you can go comfortably.

That’s an important word in this context, “comfortably”. It might be that comfortable is pretty far. I’m well aware that everyone’s tolerances are different, and not only that but there are some factors that play into how much you can personally take… well, it’s pretty normal to want more, to be able to take more when you’re excited, isn’t it dear?

You have a couple of days to play around and explore with this step in your training, and if you want to, tell me about how you’re doing. Tomorrow at least will be a diversion, and we’ll get back to how to progress very, very soon.

Today’s Permissive Circumstance is; yes, if. It can’t be that easy, it can’t just be yes. Yes, if you’ve chosen to statue training, and absolutely not if you’ve chosen the stick.

Now now, don’t start thinking this means there was a right and a wrong choice… I just know what you need.

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