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Initialism – Day 36

You should know that a small update has been made to the Letting Go of What You Think session. If you already downloaded it, the new file will be available from your account.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 36. Let’s reflect on yesterday’s session; Letting Go of What Others Think. Maybe you’re using my training as a way to better yourself. To find bravery. To find yourself.

Or, you’ve been found, and you simply need permission from a Top, to be that Bottom. Our time together, it isn’t just audio-porn, or BDSM-ASMR… now that could be a tongue-twister; BDSM-ASMR. Needs more vowels, I think I’ve been playing too much Wordle.

Oh, got one with five letters; LDR-D/s. Well, that one actually rolls off the tongue quite nicely. Feel it again on your tongue. LDR-D/s. Now, feel the tip of my tongue touch yours. The non-erotic hypnosis, the meditations, the visualisations, the MCF’s… naughty and nice. The tasks, the Permissive Circumstances, the daily sound of my voice in your ear, all of those things, they all conspire, collude, club together, to keep you open.

Of course, not stuck in that receptive trance-like state. We couldn’t do that constantly, could we? But definitely with that headspace door propped open. Open enough that when I talk about tongue-twisters, tongues touching, my dearest one can slip through that door, find togetherness, and find sensation… experience.

That is what we have through this continuous connection of my voice, in your ear, and your mind open to my hypnotic words. And your body aching for my sensations that I give you so freely, don’t I?

Touch, taste, even the scent of me. You do know my perfume, don’t you pet? The tingle of connection when we’re both through the headspace door, and meeting in.

Breathe in… one, two, three.
Breathe out… one, two, three.
Breathe in… one, two, three.
Hold… see? I can even take your breath where I want it to be, even in the middle of talking to you.
Breathe out… one, two, three.

Find your own rhythm now. Well done… isn’t it fun to be caught off guard? And as you find your own breathing, think back to what I was just saying. That tingle of connection, both through the headspace door, and know which room. Know which room we met in today. Which space we shared. Feel it. You know the right room for today.

Your task for today, my dear submissive man, from your wonderful, generous Mistress, is to lose yourself in a daydream. Your Permissive Circumstance is “Yes… but”, you have to find your orgasm in that space. Enjoy your daydream.

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