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Letting go of what others think – Day 35

A brief note to all those who downloaded any of the Affirmations Series Two sessions; some bug fixes were made to the sessions, and you can download the tweaked versions at your convenience from your account page.

If you have any problem doing this, please reach out via email.

Letting Go of What Others Think is in the shop. Where else would it be?


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 35. Tell me the truth; are you still thinking about that sexy, on-your-back-with-legs-pulled-up-for-me pose? If so, that’s okay… I’ll allow it. Or, perhaps it’s still pre-coffee-time, right? None of those erotic, sexy submissive man thoughts going through your head yet?

So maybe the perfect position for today is your head on my lap… getting nice little pet-pets as we just sit, together. It’s a good listening position, don’t you think? Super easy for me to just see if you get distracted… and slip my hand around your throat. Not too tight, just enough for my dearest man to feel the pressure of my hand. A bit of a dig, from my nails.

And, just like magic, your attention is restored.

Today you have a task. And I know how much a submissive man just loves a good task. Go and download the newest full-length session titled “Letting Go of What Others Think”. You’ll find it on the website.

And your Permissive Circumstance for today is “Yes… but…” only if you choose one of those two positions I just mentioned. On your back with legs up like a needy slut, or snuggled on the sofa, you head on my lap, with a towel handy.

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