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Revisiting letting go – Day 38


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 38. Did my lovely man enjoy his gift yesterday? It’s always nice to further your training, isn’t it? For today, you’re going to do a bit of breathing and moving. Only your arms, so it’s easy enough, but if you are in a crowded space or have people watching you, it might not work. Maybe you need to push that door open, slip into the headspace and do it there?

You’re going to be doing a simple breathing of in to four, and out to four, and as you do this your movement is going to be breathing out, and pushing your hands, palms facing away from you, out. And then turning your hands, and as you breathe in, bringing your hands towards you, palms facing you.

So breathing out to four and pushing away, palms facing out, and then breathing out to four, and pulling towards you, palms facing you.

Breathe out and push.
Breathe in. Pull.
And out. Push.
And in. Pull.
Out. Push.
In. Pull.
Out. Push.
In. Pull.

Keep going on, pushing out, pulling in, the count of four each way. And listen to the affirmations. Feel free to recite them, or simply take them in as I say them.

I believe in my submissive self.

I release myself from judgements.

I deserve a vibrant life.

I have a powerful shield of protection against others.

I am stepping into a new me.

And make sure you end your push and pull, on a final pulling in, breathing in to four, and then relaxing your arms and breathing out.

Your Permissive Circumstance for today is also a task. Did you do yesterday’s task? If so, you have my Permission for release, after you performed in yesterday’s task. You may send it to me, or just keep it in your journal.

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