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The gift of denial – Day 39


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 39.

Now I know that there is some part of your body that needs release. A bit of a stretch… maybe your arms, up high, or a nice twist in your back, or even up on tippy-toes to stretch out those legs.

And now roll your shoulders back. How’s that? See… that’s like thirty seconds of just being really good to yourself.

Let’s clear out those mundane cobwebs with a bit of breathing. For this, I want you to take in deep, quick breaths. And when you breathe out, a full release of the breath.

So breathe in through your nose, one two three.
And out through your mouth, just everything, two, three.

In, through the nose deep and quick.
And out, through the mouth, two three.



And now just find your natural breathing. So today, today is likely a day off from everyday responsibilities. To celebrate that lovely freedom I’m giving you the gift of denial. An entire day, thinking on how you won’t get release… but you do get to… hmmm… well… what can you do with that newfound focus and free time?

You can open doors for strangers. Every door. Pretend you’re with me… that makes it a fun habit, doesn’t it?

You can spend a little extra time in the bathroom, maybe a few, or dozen, luxurious strokes of my delightful toy, so it doesn’t feel too neglected. And the tuck it away with a little pat-pat, and promises of “maybe tomorrow”.

You can also listen to a session that you find to be most erotic… but be careful you don’t choose one with release. That, that would be naughty, wouldn’t it? Along the shoulder too. You have my permission to mix it up a little and practice your Gomez, he is my favourite after all. And daydream of kissing my fingers, my hand, up my arm and to my cheek.

You could practice a few affirmations.
“I believe in myself.”
“Arousal and denial are natural states for me.”
“I love enduring for Elswyth.”

So many options. Your task for today is to let me know what you get up to. And of course the Permissive Circumstance is… “No”.

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