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Humiliation Tasks – Day 40


Welcome to Day 40. Yesterday I gave you the gift of denial, and feeling my control over you. Your task was to let me know what you did with that found free time.

For today, I thought that I would let you know two scenarios that were shared with me a while ago, by another top, of ways that she found to fill up her submissive man’s free time.

If, if, you decide to do one or both of these scenarios go ahead, but I do want proof.

So one of them included providing a shopping list and exactly which store to use. Now for those of you in the States it’d likely be a Walmart because God know’s there’s usually nothing busier than the Walmart. For those of you outside of the States, I’d say it’d be that corner shop that’s frequented by many people stopping in during their lunch break, and you know… the after-work crowd.

So, you got the shop, right? And now you need the list. What do you think is on the submissive-man shopping list? I bet my clever one will figure it out by the time I get to the second item… there’s only four.

Item one; cucumber.
Item two; lube.
Item three; condoms.
And item four; it’s not something you can buy, it’s just a strong sense of devotion.

So this is one of the tasks, and it required a receipt as proof. Now does the idea turn you read, or are you one of those who would have absolutely no hesitation to shop for anything, anywhere, any time?

How about this scenario, for my fellow gym-goers who frequent shared showers, or perhaps swimming laps? While I adore the feel of a tanning bed, they’ve yet to make them without significant risk, and you know… I’m not risking you for something as trivial as a tan. So instead, this two-part devotion challenge, yeah it kinda turns into a three-part one.

It requires:
One; a bra. Now it can be a sports bra, a fancy bra, a bralette, whatever you feel you could wear to go to…
Step two; a spray-tanning location. Now some of these do have the booths where you can just walk in and do it, so nobody’s going to watch what you’re up to, but others don’t.
And then, well, heck; step three is just this. You, you have proof of your devotion every time you go for your swim, or gym trip, or you know… shared locker room. Until the tan wears off, of course. And the tan lines are gone.

So which one sounds easier? Or does that even matter… you want to know which I want, right? Well the truth is, for today… for today’s release, my dear man, you would be my rope bunny. Tied in a delightful, decadent way, to show off your finer bits, and then jerked off, by me, ’til I decide I’m done.

One orgasm, two, whatever… how many feel possible for today? Probably more than you can imagine, because yesterday you didn’t release, did you?

See you tomorrow.

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