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Acts of service – Day 43


This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 43, and if you’re listening in the moment and not some time in the future, you’ll notice that I’ve been gone for a few days. If you’re the type to pay attention to the weather, you’ll probably know that the UK has had quite a few impressive storms going on. So, due to the wind and the rattles and everything else, I just decided to take a break from recording.

Today, it’s still windy but we’re gonna persevere.

Now, I know you’ve been thinking about your Naughty and Nice goals this week. Making plans to meet them. And I’ve been offered a few acts of service in the last few days, wonderful gestures to help with some admin, checking sessions in the shop and even transcribing.

So that’s fantastic, and it did leave me thinking about acts of service, and service submissives in general. Do you know what a service submissive is? Do you consider yourself one? I think that there’s such a fine line, a tight-rope to walk, to be submissive and thoughtful, and not tip over into being more classically dominant. Like, imagine you kept my schedule… helped me work out what I needed to record and when, published my podcast online for me, and filtered my email inbox for spam and nonsense and whatever. Oh, and let’s add in that you also, you kept my social calendar, you acted as an intermediary with friends and cold callers alike.

Now, you can choose to do all this in a white blouse, a pencil skirt and heels at your own discretion.

Ooh, and let’s say that you also cook for me, let me know when the work day is over, remind me to go to bed, oh… but stand by with a towel next to shower. Pack my gym bag and program the coffee machine for the next morning.

Did I just describe a service submissive, or a gentle top?

And of course, I’m surrounded by hyper-competent men by design. The vast majority of those of you in my inbox, you’re creative and intelligent and capable. You generally don’t want to be subjugated, you don’t proclaim that life is too hard, and being submissive is easier. Of course, if that were the case you likely wouldn’t be seeking my attention. I’ll always want to make you work for it.

Spend a little time thinking about acts of service that you’d be likely to do for me. I know, I know, you’re a good boy, and you’d do whatever I asked, but what would you do without guidance? And you can reach out and tell me, again at your discretion.

If you want an orgasm today, first spend at least 10 minutes, yeah that sounds right, first spend at least 10 minutes playing. You can find whatever stimulus works best for today, a session of mine, or whatever images suit your mood. And after those ten minutes, you can flip your coin. Heads for yes, tails for no.

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