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A test of attention – Day 44


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 44. Way, way back on Day 29 I asked you a question. Do you remember? I asked you why you are here. On day 43 (that was yesterday dear) I poked and prodded you a little about the nature of your submission. It’s my joy and my pleasure to question you, and to make you think about your desires.

It’s also my joy and my pleasure to make you think about my desires, and so often to leave you wondering as to whether I would prefer this or that. Now, in those heaps of shopping receipt that I received, showing the purchase of those few specific items, not one was evidence of an unusual tanning technique. But of course, on that same day I told you that I would choose rope and knots.

So back on Day 40, were you paying attention, or did you dismiss my preference out of hand because you were thinking about your own public humiliation? Did you enjoy some bondage-based session like Bound for Release, or listen to your Rope Bunny Affirmations? Did you spend some time gazing, longing, at pictures of tied up people online? Did you share a few with me, perhaps?

If you remember Day 40 well, and know that your response to my words was to delight in flights of fancy, of how being tightly tied-up might feel, then you have my permission to flip your coin today, and maybe just earn release.

And if you were naughty, and not paying careful attention, if you know that your takeaway from that lesson was that you should go buy condoms, and lube, and veggies, well then don’t you dare flip your coin today.

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