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Are your goals realistic? – Day 45


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 45. For the last two days I’ve been musing aloud about head-games. You know what I mean by that, by now. All the ways I can enjoy saying one thing while meaning another, or carefully explain something to you while leaving you unsure, uncertain.

So, with that in mind, I want to check in with your training. Your real training, love; the hypnotic triggers you’re willingly, gratefully taking in, allowing them to Penetrate deep into your subconscious, allowing me to call any of my flouncy maids, or my Eternal Suitor whenever I need them, or want them. Or just to take you deep and whisper even more of my thoughts into your ear, as your own thoughts leak out drip by drip, making more room.

Have you been keeping up with those sessions, sticking with the schedule you promised yourself, and me? This is what you wanted, dear. You want structure and training, and if you can’t meet me with discipline and dedication, then I have nothing to offer you.

There’s more to it, yes. You have the stick and statue training you’re undertaking for me, and the little homework assignments I leave for you. But it is an absolute requirement that you spend time absorbing the triggers you crave, you need, and that I need to exercise control over you… who I want.

Before you flip that coin token to seek permission today, take a moment to consider whether you’re meeting your goals. The Naughty and the Nice goals you’re working towards… and the other goals we’ve set. Are your expectations of yourself unrealistic, or perhaps too easy? I know you are capable of being more, for me and for yourself… I also know that you respond well to being challenged, and pushed.

And as you take this time for reflection, this moment to ponder, think… why did I start this firm reminder of what you’re doing here, with a mention of head games? You’ll have to listen again if you missed it… or did you miss it?

As always, I do have something planned for you. And, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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