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Sit-Stay-Down – Day 67


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with training, hypnosis, triggers, playtime, tasks and rewards. All for that wonderful submissive man.

Here we are, Day 67. Let’s just jump right into it.

Now, it’s not really any surprise, nor is it particularly novel, that there’s a big overlap between the hypnokink lovers out there and people with other kinds of BDSM and fetish interests. That’s why the “Vac Bed Bondage” is one of my best-selling sessions ever, with things like, uh… oh, the “10 Steps to Becoming the Ideal Sissy Cuckold” placing quite highly.

Now I’ve been plotting and scheming for a sort-of sequel to that “10 Step” session that goes into puppy play and pet play and all that good stuff, and was meditating on how much of the language and traits of pet play fits nicely in with BDSM in general. There’s all those one-word commands that are quickly obeyed.

Well… speaking of pets, that was the doggo with that snort. We’ll see if it gets edited out. I don’t care either way, so… Pita, if you want to edit it out, go ahead. If not, leave it.

Anyway, there’s all those ummm… the one word commands that are quickly obeyed, or at least should be, right? Some of you lean towards bratty, and you know it. Sit. Stay. Down. And then there’s collars and leashes, of course, with the silvery tag that reads “Property Elswyth”, or how about begging? Sometimes the only thing that’ll work for me is a well-phrased and desperate, pleading litany of begging.

It is harder than you think. Go ahead and set a timer for two minutes once we’re done and see if you can beg that entire time.

All this to say, I think that almost anyone who has even a little bit of an interest in kink can get involved with the fringes of pet play. Even if it’s just to show submission by curling up at the foot of the bed to sleep, or to enthusiastically beg for more than that.

So, today you have some homework. We all know how fun training can be, and an important part of training is proper rewards. What’s the treat that I could use to motivate you? Is it something that I can carry around in my pocket? Or is it a word or a phrase or a sensation that lets you know you’re getting it right? Something I can give you every time you sit, or roll over, or whatever other trick I’m trying to teach you?

Alt Homework (Puppy Room Question): If you’ve listened to any of those maid training sessions you’ll know what I mean by a “Puppy Room”, because it’s similar to a “Dressing Room”. An imaginary room, a headspace, that helps you find the persona I desire, and that I often will call for with a specific trigger. So a Puppy Room is just that, a room that’s set up with all the things that put you in that proper puppy mood. Your homework today is to think about what goes into your puppy room, what would need to be there to get you in the right frame of mind?

And once you’ve done your homework you have my permission for release today, as long as you’re curled up at the foot of the bed.

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