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Showing Off Mind Control – Day 68


This is Spoken by Elswyth. the Femdom hypnosis podcast that waffles between gentle, and not quite. Lots of fun for the submissive man.

Today is Day 68, and I have a task for you. Now I know, it makes that heart of yours pitter-patter whenever I say you get to be obedient, doesn’t it?

So here’s your task… meander on over to the website, Spoken by Elswyth dot-com… although you can do that a bit shorter. Elswyth dot-com works as well. Check out today’s MCF. Do you want a hint? Woof-woof. That’s a good hint. And as for your Permissive Circumstance, I think you’ll figure it out when you see the Playlist of MCFs for today.

And that’s it… I’ll see you tomorrow.

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