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The affirmations are coming…

Fun, right?

I’m truly enjoying making these fun fetish-specific affirmation files to share with you.

However… the sissy one? That one is never, ever, ever going public. Too many things that your Mistress gets to say that don’t need to hit the RSS. If you want to hear me say “I am a <insert very naughty thing here>” you’ll have to get the patreon file! I do say that I am a pretty girl and that one is just fine.

I have no doubt my sissy pal had a grand time helping me with that list, fully knowing that he’d get to hear me say every single one!

Go listen.

-Mistress Elswyth
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Trigger: Pour Part of Remaking You

Be sure to download the hand-picked sound used for this trigger word.

This file is used to set the trigger word “Pour” into your mind. This word will be woven throughout other Spoken By Elswyth files to bring you delicious sensations. It is a wonderful gift. I also introduce to your mind the clear crystal token use to prepare you instantly for training.

This file is meant to be associated with an unique sound.

You may also use this as part of your daily deepening practice.

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Affirmations – (Almost) Vanilla E1

Affirmations: Almost Vanilla E1

made to put you in a confident mindset ready to pursue a happy, healthy, energetic life. 

Listen here.

These affirmations may be listened to daily at any time when you want to fill yourself up with a new truth. You may want to begin your day with affirmations to set yourself on a proper path.

The affirmations files can be listened to in any order. You choose what you need. If you need help deciding, contact me and we’ll go through it together.

Others in this series include affirmations for service subs, affirmations for sissies (patron-only), affirmations for collared pets,etc.  More is coming. 

If you have a suggestion, politely let me know.

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Shameless Self Promotion – Rate this Podcast

The song that I’m loving lately is Under the Table by Fiona.

“I would beg to disagree, but begging disagrees with me.”

Under the Table – Fiona Apple

I lived in the deep south of the US for quite a while and love the polite phrases like “bless your heart” and “he’s special”.

The off-handed condenscending nickname of “Cookie” is going to be a new go-to for me. I’ll have to try it on Bunny when he’s not hitting his goals, although so far he’s been spot-on.

Or maybe for a certain naughty guy that corrected me the other day and it resulted in the image below.

Actual punishment homework by an actual cheeky guy handed out by Yours Truly.

All that to say, I had to add “shameless” in the title of this post but the truth is that I’m pretty shameless 24/7. I know proper etiquette and the time & a place for everything, yet … yet … I don’t buy into false politeness. I think it gets written off as being An American here in my British life and that’s fine.

I know it puzzles my dear vanilla friends when they launch into yet-another rant about their partners and I don’t jump in. I can’t complain about dishes when I never do them. I can’t fuss about awful sex when I get exactly what I demand from someone. I also can’t commiserate over a lack of romance when my inbox, as well as my mailbox, regularly has warm, genuine affectionate notes in there. I know where they’re coming from and I remember that kind of relationship, although it seems like a lifetime ago.

I’ve explained, without using the phrase, how a FLR works for my life. One in particular finds it outrageous that I’m so “blunt” (her words) with my requirements. I think it just saves everyone a whole lot of hassle to know in advance what is and isn’t acceptable. It deftly avoids petty arguments as well. It may be seen as being shameless or brazen yet the intimacy is amazing and I’m a well-grounded Mistress. My friends see me as spoiled. I love it.

The shameless self-promotion is to ask a few of you to try out the RateThisPodcast feature. I’m on the fence about the service itself and figure this is a great way to try it out. Right?

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Trigger Word: Pour – Fantasy Hypno Erotica 

Unlock all content here (including the special mp3 sound for this file)

You are going to use this file to set the trigger word “Pour” into your subconcious mind. This simple vanilla word will bring delightful sensations to your mind and body. 

This file is also perfect for your daily deepening practice.

If you want to join in with the special sound training, visit the Patreon site for more details. 

— Send in a voice message:

Support Spoken By Elswyth – Erotic Mistress Hypnosis Sessions by donating to their Tip Jar:

Find out more at

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Checking the Diary Mon 25th May 2020 Spoken By Elswyth

The affirmations are coming! Almost vanilla, sissies, collared slaves, service subs, and more.. all geared towards making you the very best man (or.. um.. sissy) possible.  A few will be ONLY available on my site due to their delightfully erotic word choices.  Others will be early access and then public to everyone. My (almost) vanilla affirmations will be popping up asap because everyone can use something positive right now.

The fun thing about affirmations is they’re spoken in “I am..”  “I need..” type of statements.  What does this mean for you? It means you get to hear Mistress say ALLLL kinds of naughty things for you to repeat like a good trained toy. 

I’m working towards replacing my mic to make it easier to record often. City life in terraced housing creates interesting obstacles. If you want to help push along the progress join in here.  Thank you to those who have already pitched something into the pot. You’re wonderful.

“I am the owner of the perfect mic.”

“My environment is perfectly suited for my mic.”

“I record lots of files because my mic works in harmony with my space.”

Anyway, lots of love to you guys. It’s a bit of a silly weekend — I’m missing home, missing BBQs, and it has taken me over two hours to finish uploading this check-in. My doggo is missing the hillside and going camping (in a tent, I’m hardy!) so she has insisted on many games of fetch this morning. 


— Send in a voice message:

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Checking the Diary Friday 22 May 2020

Good news and bad news, well, not that bad… just a small swap in files for tonight. Tokens.. triggers.. oh, my! 

Tonight’s file has homework involved. Those of you that get personalised files know all about homework. The file will be posted on here and will have full instructions.

 Don’t worry, it’s not hard and the rewards are immense.