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The affirmations are coming…

Fun, right?

I’m truly enjoying making these fun fetish-specific affirmation files to share with you.

However… the sissy one? That one is never, ever, ever going public. Too many things that your Mistress gets to say that don’t need to hit the RSS. If you want to hear me say “I am a <insert very naughty thing here>” you’ll have to get the patreon file! I do say that I am a pretty girl and that one is just fine.

I have no doubt my sissy pal had a grand time helping me with that list, fully knowing that he’d get to hear me say every single one!

Go listen.

-Mistress Elswyth
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The Purple Bag – A Remaking You File – Femdom Hypno

It is time to discover just who you are compared to who you want to be. Spend some time with Mistress Elswyth and get yourself sorted right. This file requires you to have focus. Choose a quiet spot where you’re unlikely to be interrupted. Stretch out on the bed is best.