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Becoming Clean – A Shared Daydream – Perfect for Beginners

This session is often followed by “Renewed” and “Release”. Renewed is a sexual renewal file, using chastity as well as memory work. Release is probably what you expect it to be.

Becoming Clean is a shared daydream file and, quite likely, different from experiences you’ve tried in the past. Be aware that you will be nude inside of this trance, you do not have to undress in everday life. It does touch upon breath play, yet you’re reminded again and again that you’re always safe. This experience will make you feel loved, treasured, and taken care of in an intimate way.

It is a gift as well as preparation for other adventures down the hallway. The feedback has been wonderful regarding this file, with many stating they’ve gone into trance for the first time. If you haven’t experienced erotic hypnosis this is one to try. It is gentle, while firm. Gentle femdom is a theme that I feel resonates with many and offers a balance.

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The Purple Bag – A Remaking You File – Femdom Hypno

It is time to discover just who you are compared to who you want to be. Spend some time with Mistress Elswyth and get yourself sorted right. This file requires you to have focus. Choose a quiet spot where you’re unlikely to be interrupted. Stretch out on the bed is best.