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Becoming Clean – A Shared Daydream – Perfect for Beginners

This session is often followed by “Renewed” and “Release”. Renewed is a sexual renewal file, using chastity as well as memory work. Release is probably what you expect it to be.

Becoming Clean is a shared daydream file and, quite likely, different from experiences you’ve tried in the past. Be aware that you will be nude inside of this trance, you do not have to undress in everday life. It does touch upon breath play, yet you’re reminded again and again that you’re always safe. This experience will make you feel loved, treasured, and taken care of in an intimate way.

It is a gift as well as preparation for other adventures down the hallway. The feedback has been wonderful regarding this file, with many stating they’ve gone into trance for the first time. If you haven’t experienced erotic hypnosis this is one to try. It is gentle, while firm. Gentle femdom is a theme that I feel resonates with many and offers a balance.

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Checking the Diary – Monday 15th June

Dear followers,

The website will be getting an overhaul over the next few weeks. It should allow for greater clarity on the files (including disclaimers/warnings). It is also the perfect excuse for why I’ve fallen behind on keeping it updated! I do have many updates public here .

I do like the idea of eventually hosting all of my content in this spot, on SpokenByElswyth. It’s just allowing my creative muse to do its thing.. to decide how it should look and function. I like Patreon and what it offers, but I crave more of a flowing interaction with those who also crave it. I have KiK, plus gmail/google chat.. but.. maybe we can work out something creative in this space at some time?

Ah, anyway, none of that is in this Checking the Diary. It is more about who I am and what I choose to offer. It is about relationships, yet maybe not in a way you’d expect.



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Checking the Diary with Mistress Elswyth – 1 June 2020

Listen now.

Hello lovelies! Today’s diary check-in includes an update on works in progress, plus a bit of name-dropping to thank my lovely men. What is life like as a hypnotist dominatrix? Well, it includes putting off work to play frisbee with my dog. Maybe that’s not the exotic answer you wanted?

The patreon poll and discussion has given me so much inspiration for new hypnosis fantasies and other forms of erotic hypnotherapy. I love the direction we’ll be going this month together.

If you haven’t set your June token yet, be sure to listen to the session below and do so. Kudos to those sending in their accountability photos. The amethyst token is near to my heart, I love both purple and green amethyst. It did lead me on a short bunnytrail of “Is amethyst a rock or crystal?” to see if it met the requirement.