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Yummy Session #1 – Introduction to Spoken By Elswyth – Who I am, What Erotic Hypnosis is, and How to use the Files

An introduction to who I am, what erotic hypnosis is,  and how to use the files. Plus, info on which files to listen to daily, which require privacy, and how to request special topics.

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welcome to Spoken by Elswyth

This is the beginning of an interesting journey.

Our journey.

You are a man that enjoys the different things in life. You’ve either served a woman or dream of doing so. You want that pat on your head or slap on your bottom. You also want to be controlled – your words, thoughts, and even your pleasures.


Because we both know that power exchange offers a type of intimacy like no other.

But why erotic hypnosis?

hypnotic subject standing on a map
Don’t be lost.

The ears are an interesting gateway. I know men who can’t orgasm without the right words to stroke their minds and stoke their lust. They can be teased and kissed and licked anywhere, but they need the woman who knows what to say to feel real pleasure. Other men want guidance on becoming a better version of themselves. And yet even more simply want to indulge in this erotic hypno fantasy. Whichever you might be, I have something for you.

As the content fills in the website, it will be easier for you to follow the weekly assignments.
*****March 30th, 2021 Update: I had an SEO warning for this page and popped in to edit it. I do not have weekly assignments ongoing now. Instead, you will find homework woven into Eunoia, plus the fun permissive circumstances. My faithful, floating followers continue to offer actionable steps that I’ve worked into our relationship building. ****
Rest assured, I’m working towards that goal and should have it fully functioning in the next few weeks. You can join me on Soundcloud, YouTube, or through podcasts (spotify, etc). Personalized files may be requested through Patreon.