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Friday Eunoia – is this right for you?

It’s late. I know. I’m *cold* and spent most of the morning wrapped in a blanket letting Spotify entertain me with video game soundtracks (they’re a thing, who knew? I didn’t until last March).

I warned one of my happy harem that hibernation is growing in its appeal.

I’ve lived in many different places, including very northern states and mountainous areas, but UK winters really do me in. The stone houses and obession with quirky heating rituals adds up to one shivery Mistress.

Instead of writing delightful smut last night, I found myself researching how to make a house feel warmer. I think the culprit is humidity so one spiffy new dehumidifier is on its way to me.

If it doesn’t work, I’ll see y’all in the spring.. or when I’ve relocated to a warmer climate.. or a new build house with American style central heating. Brrr.