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Learn to delay gratification (and enjoy it!) Marshmallow Trigger Session

TWO other versions available:

// Chastity
// Foot Fetish

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The Marshmallow trigger is delivered to your subconscious in a conversational hypnosis style, using indirect hypnosis and storytelling to achieve results.

The Marshmallow trigger session is all about delaying gratification. This can mean staving off the desire to do something frivolous and unproductive, or putting off reward until work is done. On the other hand, it could just mean inspiring that warm and fuzzy sensation, instead of frustration when you’re faced with denial.

There are currently three versions of this session available. One is more of one-size-fits the harem session. If you like femdom, you’ll like it. But if you like your femdom with a foot fetish sprinkle on top, you’ll want to explore Marshmallow Trigger: Foot Fetish Hypnosis and for my chastity fans, Marshmallow Trigger: Chastity Hypnosis.

All three set the same trigger for Marshmallow, a word you’re likely to hear more and more through the Spoken by Elswyth sessions, but you choose the one that makes your happy heart sing.

Disclaimer: As always, you should do the safeword setting session prior to playing with me. There is a free one available in the beginner bundle or get the headspace themed one on the shop.