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FYEO: Loyalty Reward – Personalised Sleep Session

For Your Ears Only

These sessions reward Happy Harem members for their loyalty.

All For Your Ears Only sessions are personalised with the answers you give on the topic that Mistress Elswyth chooses. Visit here for the current reward:

There’s no additional fee for the session; it is a gift. If you are unable to join Patreon, you may request this session through the shop.

A few days after you have answered the questions, your personalised session and aftercare notes arrive in a private shared-only-with-Mistress folder.

Our ongoing connection allows your personalised session to reach a profound level. While I know you love to indulge in my other works, this is building a relationship.

You will experience the benefit of having a Mistress who knows your inner self in these sessions. If we haven’t struck up that relationship, this is the perfect first step.

Find the Q&A form here:

Answer the questions and begin the creation of your sleep hypnosis session. This session focuses on dream creation. It isn’t my goal to spell out the entire dream story for you because that’s boring. We are planting the seeds that can be watered nightly and grow as they will.

Some nights they may turn into a full lush garden while other nights only one or two plants sprout. You will experience different dreams based upon what your subconscious knows you need.

— M. E.