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Eunoia – Saturday – What if you .. didn’t?

appetizer bake baked baking

Good morning! We have recipes (and satisfied followers).

So I’ll make sure that I protect people’s privacy by not linking names and recipes/places. Thanks to those who included pics as well. I like that asking someone about their hometown “known for” is a surefire way to start a conversation.

It ties into what we’ve discussed about connecting with others. I’m not trying to be the self-help guru here, trust me my interest is still more in playing fun mental games and improving rope skills… but from private conversations I know there is a struggle with balance, expectations, and anxiety. Our Eunoia for today touches on that too.

Our poll is going strong — should you be able to save permissive circumstance rewards for another day? Wayne has upped the ante to say he’d be willing to inform me of when he does so. I told him that’s a good start. Any thoughts on what you think should be included?