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Can you kneel without kneeling?

You know how I feel about limiting yourself and our play. Of course, you can kneel without physically kneeling. Can you experience the same benefits? What do *you* think? Come join me in today’s session and we’ll try out a couple – in our head – kneeling scenarios.

Y writes:

Dear Mistress. I found you through maid training and hope you will give me more tasks. I’m willing. Sincerely yours, Y-

ME – There are days when I wish all of my happy maids could converge on my home for cleaning and fun. Alas, that’d require quite a few plane tickets (and a larger house!) so we’ll just meet in shared reality. Don’t worry, even Pixie has a part to play in the kneeling sessions coming out Friday and Saturday.

J writes:

Dearest Goddess Elswyth, can I make my own safe spot to use for a hypnosis safeword?

ME – I think this is a great idea. I have done personalised sessions with others that created their little Utopia setting. I know that I have a whimsical retreat, well two of them, that I use as my meditation spots in my head. I’m not sure how we could do this on a larger scale, but I’ll have a think on it!

For others who haven’t tried one of these sessions I have two available.

Tunnel of Light

Tunnel of Light

Castle Keep

Castle Keep Safeword Setting

R writes:

I can’t seem to stay focused without you. I find myself coming back to your website several times a day. I have listened to your last session several times now but can’t seem to get the fence painted. I am aching for you and I am longing for your words. Please use me.

ME – With pleasure. The nature of the next sessions being released will definitely fill this need of yours.

C writes:

I hope you are fully recovered from your vaccine side effects and that you are enjoying an amazing Sunday.  I plan to relisten to several of the Sunday eunoias from earlier this year.  I may also relisten to several of the affirmation sessions. 

With any luck, when I go back to bed in a few minutes, I will have the dream again where I am crawling on a slight incline trying to get to you.

ME – I’m sure luck was on your side! I like the “together” Sunday Eunoias, they’re some of my favourites.