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Sunday – How do you find the spark?

close up photo of fire

Two new sessions went up on Saturday.

Patrons voted for The Eternal Suitor. And they have received a free download coupon for it. You’ll no doubt hear the pleasure I have in doing this session and creating the Sabriel trigger.

Yet, I couldn’t resist getting my Flirty French Maid trigger out there. I’m looking forward to seeing how many want to join me on Pixie adventures.

Today’s Eunoia explores the energy referred to time and again in the Sabriel session.

E writes:

Dear Mistress Elswyth
It’s my birthday tomorrow will you allow me a release while I think of you? Specifically I would like to imagine washing your hair and body whilst you enjoy a bubble bath.

Instead of flowers wrapped in wasteful plastic I’ve sent you pictures of spring flowers growing in the wild .
Much love sincerely yours E

ME – I’ve already given E his permission and birthday wishes. His note is so sweet that it deserved to be shared. You can likely guess which flowers he sent my way.

Bunnie sent:

A thoughtful gift. He tried to send something else – but it appears that “3rd party seller” thing on Amazon bit him.

I admit, I’m happy he had that hiccup because the bracelet he picked instead is perfect for a hypnotist. It has a delicate silver chain and crystal charm pendant – practical as a bracelet or a pendulum. Tick tock.

Thank you, Bunnie.

note: Bunnie isn’t Bunny. I think I’m collecting romantic rabbits!

D writes:

Dear Mistress: I am writing now in my garden. Thank you! I would love if you considered personalized kneeling files for the future—just five minute swirling loop files. No beginning or end. I bought a knee pad for cleaning and weeding, but really for this. I also thought you others might enjoy a vanilla hypnosis about increasing their ability to think and feel musically. I play guitar, but I have self-limiting beliefs I plan to break this summer.

ME – So what do the rest of you think? If you love this idea I want to hear more from you through this form (all replies will be anonymous).

And, D, I’m more than happy to give you (and others) a confidence boost session. I’m wrapping up the last of the sleep sessions and will likely do that one next.

A few of the “bouquets” sent my way…