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Friday – Eunoia

The S Invitation – for the non-masochists..
For the sensation seekers (or masochists..)

The Sensation Play 3 Objects Session has the finger snap & counting trigger as its prequel. Be sure to use that session prior to this one. It’s worth it. If you’re on the fence about sensation play, spend the time on a safeword setting session. The Tunnel of Light session is public and I have another that is for patron members.

If you have a safeword place, word, sensation, etc that you’d like to recommend please do so.

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Tryst – A Voice in the Background File

This file is for listening to during your daily life. It is a voice in the background file meant to simply bring us closer. You won’t need privacy or a comfy chair, although comfy chairs are nice anyway. You will need to be careful that you don’t blush. Do you blush easily, pet?