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Eunoia (October 5th), Locktober Mind Control and Fast Math

In this instalment I tell you as little as possible about all the Locktober MCFs that are available this month, and I will test your mental arithmetic.

The Mind Control Fragments player is always available here.

There’s an item in the shop that gets you all the Locktober content immediately.


Today is Tusday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our playtime together. Send your notes through Patreon or the SpokenByElswyth website to be included in the Listen section and then continue on to Obey like a good boy.

Today is a somewhat shorter Eunoia because I’m getting out MCF’s out for today. More about that later… first of all, Bunnybee sent me a polite request for a MCF based on JOI. Lots of acronyms there, right? An MCF JOI that involves a stroker or… I like the word stroker better than Fleshlight, because now that I’m an American living in the UK, whenever I slip and say flashlight instead of torch, which I think torch is ridiculous, I know that there’s a certain group of people that automatically turn flashlight into Fleshlight.

But torch, seriously? Torch sounds like we’re getting, y’know the tar and feathers and we’re gonna go storm the mad scientist’s lab up on the hill, right? Torch is just… I don’t know. I can’t do it. Anyway… so… Bunnybee mentioned an MCF JOI that involves those particular types of toys and, I have recorded one that does involve that. But… it might not be what you were hoping for. It is part of the Locktober Mind Control Fragments.

So, I delayed a day or two on those because it was just easier to record all the bits and pieces in one fell swoop, but the first one should already be available and for those who are impatient and don’t want to wait for them to trickle, drip, out… you can find the entire set on the website, and the link is also in the podcast, YouTube, website description.

Ummm… you can always go to the blog post usually to find things. You know what, let’s quadruple the Patreon and just earn me enough money that somebody else can do the YouTube and the posting and whatevers, because I would always rather create and talk to all of you, than do that side of things.

Okay, so… yeah… so that’s coming out, and there’s no early peeks for my Happy Harem on this one, because I really love knowing which of you just couldn’t wait.

So, for Obey, it is going to be a little different today. No breathing, no meditation, simply because I am releasing an MCF today that is all about stress reduction through breathing, so your homework is to listen to that MCF release. Even if you’re not interested in the Locktober, per sé, you can still listen to that, there’s some positivity in there… and then, ummm… y’know that’s easy enough for you, right? That’s easy homework, listen to me talk to you. You’re doing that already, look at you, you’re so good.

Let’s balance it out with something trickier. Here is your Permissive Circumstance. Okay, come on, hope you had your coffee, tea, run? Whatever you need to do this morning… or afternoon, or evening, depending on when you’re listening… what is [REDACTED]?

You can have a few seconds, I won’t count down. That seems cruel, and… did you get [REDACTED]? If you worked it out before I kindly told you the answer, you have my permission today. But if you’re doing Locktober, even if you got [REDACTED], oh my dear… you’re wrong.

Bye for now.

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