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The Birth of Venus – Day 7

Today’s episode describes work of art, and a question:
What is the single-word name of the gallery in which the described work is displayed?
The answer can be used as a coupon code, earning you a 50% discount on both of my full-length sessions that focus on posing.


This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for my submissive man.

Welcome to Day 7. First a little bit of housekeeping, by giving you the disclaimer, but I would call it a spoiler; you’re going to be un… clothed in today’s visualisation. Now, it’s not hypnosis, so if you’re in the park or on the train, or wherever, you’re not going to be stripping off all your clothes. But the image in your head head, it involves a bit of nudity. Sounds fun, right? Right, so let’s get started.

Before I put that image in your head, we’re getting started with your breathing. Do you remember doing the Lion’s Breath with me before? It’s a pretty easy yoga breathing exercise… a lot of beginner’s learn it, so even if you didn’t learn it from me, you may know it from somewhere else in your everyday life.

It’s relaxing, it’s fun, which is… which is why you probably always hear the smile in my voice whenever I mention it. All you do is this, okay?
Take a deep inhale through your nose.
Lean your head back.
And breathe out, through the mouth, with your tongue out.

Got it? It’s almost like one of those lion statues with their tongues out?
Okay… breathe in again, through the nose.
Lean the head back.
And out. Breath out, tongue out.

And one more time. You know the steps, go on.

How nice is that? Stimulating, right?
And now let’s take in one more breath.
This one, slow… and you don’t have to tilt your head back.
Just breathe out, blowing out.
Blowing out like that West Wind. The Zephyr.
Out. That’s it.

The air around you, in this visualisation of ours, as I walk you into a certain pose.. the air around it tastes as sharp as it kind-of feels against your bare skin. It’s briny. This briny air, now I know that the ocean and the beach isn’t always where we go to for visualisations. It has been a little overdone, right? Spa music and so on, they all want you to be at the beach, but okay… you’re going to keep that in mind for this.

There’s no hand sand, under your bare feet. Instead, the hard, wavy texture of something… I can’t give it all away here, can I? I mean, let’s pretend that this is like… this is this version of a rug. So there you are standing on something hard, and wavy. Your feet are bare. The air is briny. The west wind, zephyr, blowing. And you’re nude. Vulnerable.

Your right hand, it covers your chest. Pretend to be a pretty maiden, clinging to her modesty, if it helps. Can you guess where the other hand goes? Come on, pretty maiden, who’s naked and modest. Right, it goes between the legs, covering what’s there… how does that feel? And this is made easier because your hair has magically grown long. So long and wavy, or kind of smooth and straight, it varies… and it reaches down below your waist.

And keep those legs close together, especially your thighs, wit your weight mostly on your left leg. Got it? Got this pose? Oh, and one of the Horai, they’re nearby, and waiting to drape this mantle around you to help with that modesty issue. Have you guessed it already? How long did it take you to realise, my silly dearest, that you are not a statue at all. Instead, you’re immortalised in a magnificent painting that hangs on the wall in… I think Firenze. I could be wrong.

Wait. No, I’m right. Oh wait, no no… you would not be in Firenze at all, hanging on somebody else’s wall in a gallery. You would be on my wall. Right? Maybe a cleverly cut, recess where you can be in with a frame around? Ooh… I like that. Because my love, you would be heartsick and lonely without me. You’re meant to be displayed, near me.

And I know you enjoy posing for me. If you haven’t memorised all of the slave positions yet, be sure to do so. They need to be handy. Go read today’s note and follow the instructions if you still don’t have them nestled as a word rune.

The Permissive Circumstance for today is there. You have my Permission, only if you do so while draped in cloth. It can be your bedsheet, or a towel, I don’t care… but naked otherwise, right? And your homework… your task for today is to make sure you have those positions handy, and go forward and practice them.

Good boy.

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