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Think about baseball – Day 30

If your experience with today’s Task and Permissive Circumstance is dismal, you may need Marshmallow as part of your regular trigger setting training.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 30, and today I don’t have any questions for you, just instructions. You’ve been exploring your own limits, your ability to endure for me, in your private time, and we’re going to begin stretching that so very soon… but today let’s explore a different type of endurance.

Now, some of you know this already, and some of you need to be told, but in the world of… baseball, a ‘perfect game’ is a game where a pitcher pitches a full nine innings, and not a single batter, not a single one, reaches base. This is pretty damn rare, most pitchers will never achieve it. In the history of MLB, no-one has ever done it twice. It’s something pretty special, if… if you care at all about baseball.

I’ll confess I actually don’t have any Major League Baseball teams that I follow, not really. But take me to a farm team game, and I love them. They are the corniest, kookiest, most fun things ever. Live baseball. Fantastic. On TV baseball, ah… not so much.

Okay, I got something for you.

Back in 2010 a pitcher by the name of Armando Galarraga had put out 26 batsmen in a row, and the final man to face him is a man named Jason Donald. Now, obviously every player on the team knows how to swing a stick, but Jason is no pinch hitter. He’s is the Indian’s short-stop, and again for those who don’t know the sport, this means, this means basically he’s really good at catching, okay?

So, Galarraga pitches. Donald hits the ball between first and second base, it’s collected and tossed back to our pitcher, and Galarraga, and every fan in the stadium is celebrating this accomplishment of a perfect game. I’m pretty sure they were on top of the world.

But, tragedy. The umpire (the referee) he’s called Jason Donald safe on first base. Now, this wasn’t so long ago, and hiss call, it’s refuted by video evidence from multiple angles, and the eyes of everyone else present, but that call, that decision is final. Armando Galarraga’s chance at a perfect game was stolen from him in a split-second decision that turned out to be the wrong call.

Now the umpire apologized profusely, but sport is governed by rules, and those rules state clearly that the immediate decision is final. Now, I don’t share this tale with you because I want you to infer some deep moral lesson from it, so I’ll dispense with any explanation of why you should take care of making snap decisions, or about how your triumphs and your failures are all part of the cloth from which you are cut.

In fact, I didn’t know this story until I needed to make sure that you, dear man, could think about baseball when instructed. Do you know what I mean by that? Or maybe some cultural difference means that whenever you wish to delay gratification, you have some other subject you daydream about. You might even think of Marshmallows!

Today your Task and your Permissive Circumstance are tied together, neatly. When you’re in your private place, when you won’t be interrupted, put your hand, or your favourite toy, on your cock and stroke, as fast or as slow as you like.

And you’ll play this way for 27 minutes. Twenty-seven full minutes, and do not stop. You do not have permission for release until that time has passed. And if you absolutely need to take a break, then you’ll get denial at least until tomorrow.

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