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Monday Eunoia – 2021 Oracle Contemplation

scenic view of rainforest

Now we officially begin our 2021 with a fresh new Monday in a fresh new year. So while next week will be risque, this week is all about reward. An unwavering daily focus on you. Our setting is Betws-y-Coed near waterfalls. Let’s pretend it is warm, eh?

Patrons will be getting early access at upcoming content. I have a session on out-of-the-box meditation being edited currently.

I’m also taking a look down a few kinky trails. The start of those trails will be made available with the idea being you walk down the trail that suits you. I don’t expect my straight-laced submissive with no interest in feminisation to walk down the nympho sissy maid path… (although he can).

The outside world appears to be redoing April 2020, but my loves.. we are going to find pleasure and intertwining throughout this month and beyond.

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Wednesday Eunoia – Hibernate Part A and B available now.

Part B is here. (Part A is now public access and is available here.)
Show notes for Hibernate Part B:
As promised, part B. This is the actual sleep hypnosis session. The trigger word being set is “Hibernate” and is directly tied into my voice saying it. No worries about falling over if you are reading a science text or watching a nature documentary. Your only concern will be a random Checking the Diary that somehow has a bit in it about Punxsutawney Phil… but I’ll try to avoid it. Truly. I swear. 

There are two versions, each with the same words but different music. Guess what? Y’all have opinions about music. I do love that you say your *favourites* instead of picking at the other bits. It speaks to your positive nature.

The session ends with instructions to sleep, either for a nap or all night. The music carries on for another ten minutes and fades at the end. Due to the binaural elements in this session, I recommend using headphones.

Session is 45 minutes.. if you last that long.  I have plans for a Part C which will merely be the induction, deepener and trigger used without it being the setting. That will likely be half or so the length of this one — but it is important to use the trigger setting one a few times until it is firmly rooted (punny!). 

Wednesday Eunoia continues on our theme of Contemplation. I will be announcing the LAST bit of homework for 2020 soon.. so keep an eye out for it. It’s going to involve naughty & nice and if you want a head start, mull over a few words you like in both of those categories…

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Tuesday Eunoia – Contemplation Continued.

close up photography of gingerbread

I like the feedback, it’s fun to see others like the little twist.

But, man, I need to make my puzzles harder! Some of you seem to be a bit too clever. In other news, Part B is done for our Hibernate session. Fingers crossed it’ll be in your ears later this evening.

Enjoy your Tuesday… go do something creative? Make a gingerbread house or ginger beer or… a ginger smile?

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Happy Monday! Eunoia: Contemplation

faceless fortune teller with burning candles at home

This week we will have a puzzle mixed with our daily devotion time. The puzzle is incredibly easy for my clever ones, but is a little hampered by the not-so-stellar attempt at Welsh. Or perhaps I should say that’s on purpose as well?

As the week unfolds, adding to your contemplation, the reason behind the location for the session will become clear…