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Saturday Femdom Sleep Hypnosis and Eunoia

Yes.. this is late(r than normal..).

I hope everyone had (or is having!) a fantastic Saturday. For me, it involved escaping to the woods in a nature reserve previously unknown to me. The land was reclaimed from a landfill and now has a bog, pond, streams, meadow, etc. All in all not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.

Due to all of the BS going on in the world — and a very sweet note from a YouTube follower – I’ve decided to release the sleep hypnosis session publically.. a bit earlier than I expected. My patrons have given me great reviews so I’m sure others will feel the same.

It is called Lumber Slumber and uses a tree as a natural eco-friendly way to explore some sleep bondage. If you have a fear of heavy limb hypnosis, this is likely not for you. The same for claustraphobia, it may be unpleasant (so far that hasn’t been the feedback.. but use your own judgement!). As always, I recommend doing one of the safeword setting sessions prior to any of my hypno sessions.

Safeword session:

Lumber Slumber:

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Tunnel of Light Safeword Session

Use this session to set your safeword.. a safe place. Be aware that this session does use tunnel imagery which may be unsuitable for those with claustraphobia. I do take care to mention there is plenty of space and air in the tunnel, so that may help. There is another safeword session avialable on Patreon or via the Podcast (subscribers only) called Castle Keep. I plan to make it on-off purchase here as well.

As we begin to do deeper work together it is useful to have a safeword. Some would say it is mandatory. So be a good boy and do your homework.