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Friday – What makes you do it?

photography of man wearing white t shirt kissing a woman while holding bicycle on river dock during sunset

Today’s Eunoia digs into motivations of personas. We will start with the silly — and I use League of Legends to do it. For those of you completely unfamiliar with League, just roll with it. But do not download it. That game is more addictive than a smooth-talking woman.

It does appear that our eternal suitor *just* might win out. You’re clever enough to know that this is leading to a session, right? But not just any session. You have listened to the non-hypnosis Violet. (If you haven’t – tsk!) It is a voice in the background session, which means no femdom hypnosis is involved. Just lots of musings on my part. Sometimes we have a game – like the S invitation (patron only) which led to a flurry of poetry coming my way for The Muse.


glowing inscription on wall in cafe

Homework & Feedback

loving couple of dolls sitting close against plants

C writes:

Thank you for the guidance in Circles within Circles session.

As always, my reply is to ask what the person discovered during the session.

red lucky cat neon sign

R writes:

Dear Mistress, The subject aches for his Mistress, craves her control and obeys her Completely. Sincerely, R-

Look at that lovely formatting. My follower has (almost) wonderful attention to detail. Doesn’t he?

food love woman hotel

B writes:

Dear Mistress, Thank You for the material in the Beginners Bundle. Listening to it was an exquisite experience. I look forward to listening to \’Going deeper faster\’ repeatedly over the next week. Sincerely yours, B

Ah. There it is. Wonderful attention to detail. Thank you, B. Going deeper faster will serve us both.

C D writes: Dear Mistress, It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. That is awesome. My homework is complicated by not yet having experienced The Apartment. I am guessing that the subject is the visitor to the apartment described in the notes. I am going to give the subject the name Hal and will assume that I know him. With that, here is my one sentence: “When Hal entered the cafe and sat at our table, a far-away glint in his eyes and an inscrutable half-grin, I asked about his visit to the apartment, to which he replied, while massaging his wrists lightly, that ‘it was dope’ but also admitted to remembering nothing other than a piney scented candle flickering in a dimly lit hallway and leg restraints on an antique leather chair.” I am working on the whole persona project. On the fly Saturday I hatched on a younger man from the South (younger meaning early 30s). I have refined it a bit to be one of those guys who thinks he is a gift who is massively desired by the ladies and who believes he is in charge of things. I do not believe he has any doubts about these things. My guess is this certitude limits him in many ways, though he is fully unaware of this. Should he encounter you, Mistress, he would surely be deciding whether to seduce you. The concept of a logomantic sorceress would be entirely lost on him. Sincerely your faithful follower, C D

Handwritten letter begging Mistress
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Eunoia – Watch the video. I insist.

photo of masquerade masks

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday. It isn’t the typical Monday month start that I adore, but it is sunny and gorgeous.. and all things spring.

Plus, I have even more naughty pics, videos, and voice files in my inbox. Ooh.. I love being spoiled!

We are jumping right into exploring another type of creativity. It does tie into some smutty-useful-fun sessions coming out during this month.. and, hey, it’s just fun.

I love when we play together in my shared reality. Check over previous days if you want to participate in the Grand Data Collection (aka google forms) on personas and the like. You can use the form to submit your homework. You’re on the honor system for today’s permissive circumstance.