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Sunday – How do you find the spark?

close up photo of fire

Two new sessions went up on Saturday.

Patrons voted for The Eternal Suitor. And they have received a free download coupon for it. You’ll no doubt hear the pleasure I have in doing this session and creating the Sabriel trigger.

Yet, I couldn’t resist getting my Flirty French Maid trigger out there. I’m looking forward to seeing how many want to join me on Pixie adventures.

Today’s Eunoia explores the energy referred to time and again in the Sabriel session.

E writes:

Dear Mistress Elswyth
It’s my birthday tomorrow will you allow me a release while I think of you? Specifically I would like to imagine washing your hair and body whilst you enjoy a bubble bath.

Instead of flowers wrapped in wasteful plastic I’ve sent you pictures of spring flowers growing in the wild .
Much love sincerely yours E

ME – I’ve already given E his permission and birthday wishes. His note is so sweet that it deserved to be shared. You can likely guess which flowers he sent my way.

Bunnie sent:

A thoughtful gift. He tried to send something else – but it appears that “3rd party seller” thing on Amazon bit him.

I admit, I’m happy he had that hiccup because the bracelet he picked instead is perfect for a hypnotist. It has a delicate silver chain and crystal charm pendant – practical as a bracelet or a pendulum. Tick tock.

Thank you, Bunnie.

note: Bunnie isn’t Bunny. I think I’m collecting romantic rabbits!

D writes:

Dear Mistress: I am writing now in my garden. Thank you! I would love if you considered personalized kneeling files for the future—just five minute swirling loop files. No beginning or end. I bought a knee pad for cleaning and weeding, but really for this. I also thought you others might enjoy a vanilla hypnosis about increasing their ability to think and feel musically. I play guitar, but I have self-limiting beliefs I plan to break this summer.

ME – So what do the rest of you think? If you love this idea I want to hear more from you through this form (all replies will be anonymous).

And, D, I’m more than happy to give you (and others) a confidence boost session. I’m wrapping up the last of the sleep sessions and will likely do that one next.

A few of the “bouquets” sent my way…

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Flirty French maid trigger session “Pixie”

femdom sissy maid

Pixie is Madam’s pure delight.

Listen to the trailer and decide if being this fun, flirty french maid is right for you. My patrons chose the Eternal Suitor – Sabriel in my April poll, but I couldn’t resist allowing Pixie some playtime.

Find the full session here

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The Eternal Suitor Trigger Session

hypnodomme mind control

Patron’s voted for this session in our April poll.

Happy harem members, be sure to check Patreon for your free download code. It’s a reward for being my muses, my co-creators in this project. You deserve it.

I mulled over what to call my dear when he’s under as Sabriel. I leaned towards the perfect gentleman for quite a while. Yet, is that truly what I want? Someone who could find themselves comfortable in that role and lose the eagerness that I crave? Of course not. 

The next step was to consider the perfect suitor, it has the eagerness implied and the training to become something remarkable. Yet it still lacked *something*.  

I realized that I need to go back to what my original definition had been of a romantic service submissive — the eternal suitor. I’ve been courted by these types over the years and it is like waking in a rom-com — the good spot. Where he has become infatuated with her and she knows it.  

Using hypnosis and all of my tricks, the good spot is where I plan to keep you. My eternal suitor. Sabriel. 

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Friday – What makes you do it?

photography of man wearing white t shirt kissing a woman while holding bicycle on river dock during sunset

Today’s Eunoia digs into motivations of personas. We will start with the silly — and I use League of Legends to do it. For those of you completely unfamiliar with League, just roll with it. But do not download it. That game is more addictive than a smooth-talking woman.

It does appear that our eternal suitor *just* might win out. You’re clever enough to know that this is leading to a session, right? But not just any session. You have listened to the non-hypnosis Violet. (If you haven’t – tsk!) It is a voice in the background session, which means no femdom hypnosis is involved. Just lots of musings on my part. Sometimes we have a game – like the S invitation (patron only) which led to a flurry of poetry coming my way for The Muse.


glowing inscription on wall in cafe

Homework & Feedback

loving couple of dolls sitting close against plants

C writes:

Thank you for the guidance in Circles within Circles session.

As always, my reply is to ask what the person discovered during the session.

red lucky cat neon sign

R writes:

Dear Mistress, The subject aches for his Mistress, craves her control and obeys her Completely. Sincerely, R-

Look at that lovely formatting. My follower has (almost) wonderful attention to detail. Doesn’t he?

food love woman hotel

B writes:

Dear Mistress, Thank You for the material in the Beginners Bundle. Listening to it was an exquisite experience. I look forward to listening to \’Going deeper faster\’ repeatedly over the next week. Sincerely yours, B

Ah. There it is. Wonderful attention to detail. Thank you, B. Going deeper faster will serve us both.

C D writes: Dear Mistress, It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. That is awesome. My homework is complicated by not yet having experienced The Apartment. I am guessing that the subject is the visitor to the apartment described in the notes. I am going to give the subject the name Hal and will assume that I know him. With that, here is my one sentence: “When Hal entered the cafe and sat at our table, a far-away glint in his eyes and an inscrutable half-grin, I asked about his visit to the apartment, to which he replied, while massaging his wrists lightly, that ‘it was dope’ but also admitted to remembering nothing other than a piney scented candle flickering in a dimly lit hallway and leg restraints on an antique leather chair.” I am working on the whole persona project. On the fly Saturday I hatched on a younger man from the South (younger meaning early 30s). I have refined it a bit to be one of those guys who thinks he is a gift who is massively desired by the ladies and who believes he is in charge of things. I do not believe he has any doubts about these things. My guess is this certitude limits him in many ways, though he is fully unaware of this. Should he encounter you, Mistress, he would surely be deciding whether to seduce you. The concept of a logomantic sorceress would be entirely lost on him. Sincerely your faithful follower, C D

Handwritten letter begging Mistress
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Thursday – The Eternal Suitor

femdom hypnosis

The poll is leaning towards the gentleman suitor. 69% on a day when there are 69 Patrons. Y’all are giving me ideas!

Today’s Eunoia explores the eternal suitor, plus, offers you a chance at a permissive circumstance.

And continue to vote in the poll, it won’t close til Saturday.

Homework & Feedback

Anon Says:

That of a little, with adventures with a caring Domme.

ME – For those unfamiliar with this idea, the CGL intro explains it. Plus, it has cute animations.

A personalized sleep session recently requested a dream along these lines. “Governess” is now on my list of honorifics.

Anon Says:

I have been dreaming of being summoned by Mistress. I get on a plane and make the trip because I obey Mistress. When I get there it feels familiar as if this has happened dozens of times and there is no place that I would rather be. Something happens but I can’t remember what exactly. Now I am your doll, dressed in latex or whatever Mistress prefers this time because I obey. Maybe I am put in a vacuum bed and my mouth and cock used for my Goddesses pleasure. Regardless of how I was used I won’t remember it. Instead I may remember some pleasant conversation, things of that nature and be disappointed that the visit seemed so short. This may happen a couple of times a year, I am always eager to make the trip because it is Mistress and I obey. 

T says:

I have listened to numerous files since joining on Saturday. I like Mistress Elswyth to train me. I like Goddess Elswyth to punish or reward me. I like Queen Elswyth so i can be the queens throne. I worship and obey. Use me. I love your take on denial, feel free to show the pictures or praises i have sent you. I am in your control. Use me how you want. I love to worship my queen’s entire body. I would suck each toe and continue however my queen desires. I would act however mistress asks. I would punish or reward myself to goddess’s exact orders. Thank you for so many ways to express myself and fulfill my mistress’s wishes. I will try new things for mistress and trust that only good things come, from mistress.I will only send photos upon request. I suspect you get photos however i don’t know if you want them. I will not send unsolicited photos.

ME – Photos taken, and shared, in good taste are always welcome. I think most of us can agree on what pushes the line vs what is appropriate to send to a Mistress. While I don’t have enough time to blackmail anyone, you’re welcome to send them anonymously as well. Photos that include a story, or explanation, get extra praise.

I also enjoy the photos that tie into the permissive circumstances.

femdom hypnosis image

X says:

I would like to be a highly skilled trainee in a sex cult temple learning and being trained to be a sex god.  Ongoing adventure would be amazing!  Learning to pleasure a woman, last as long as I want and learning to have full body pleasure.  Id love to be subservient and trained by caring loving dominant tantrika. I see lots of bodies. Long red hooded cloaks, nude underneath.

ME – Is this temple in a sunny location with boats? If so, I’m in. Who am I kidding? This could be in a snow house and I’d find a way to make do!

D says:

Dear Mistress: I found release and satisfaction in the apartment. And now it is time to forget the experience. I was weak and addled all weekend with too much time on my hands. Thank you for my release nonetheless. I receive the vaccination today and needed to clear my mind. What a chastity game it was. I did work on the story but it has grown and grown. I have a new fetish developing, which started before I even knew of the camera. Maybe my story will accomplish it.

ME – D is an avid writer and I get to be an entertained audience. Lucky me.

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Wednesday – hypnosis personas and a new poll

selective focus photography of bombay cat

Today there is a new poll up for Patrons to vote on their favourite personas (from the choices allowed). You are (almost) always free to make choices in the conditions of my choosing. It may, or may not, be related to what I have planned for you this weekend.

You can find the poll here

Remember, voting is important. A great way for a submissive man to exercise your almost-right to sometimes choose. This is an FLR, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if you had lots of freedom.

We continue to talk about hypnosis personas by digging deeper. And I do like going deeper. Below you will find some comments and questions from my followers. I know some of you are too damn shy to ask for yourself, so maybe you’ll see your question magically asked by someone else? As long as it is *shyness* and not laziness, that’s fine. You’re not allowed to be lazy.

femdom mind control orgy

The Apartment has resulted in many sheets needing to be washed. Oh, wet dreams. Who knew those could pop back up after puberty? Amnesia play is scrumptious when done with someone that you trust. It makes my heart sing that you specifically said you like being seduced. I’m not one of those that just wait to be pursued. Like Athena, I value a good hunt. Unlike Athena, I’d never chosen a life of virginity.

Today’s Eunoia includes homework and a permissive circumstance. Lucky you.

Homework & Feedback

Anon Says:

Do you have younger submissives? How much does age matter to you?

ME – Yes.

Age matters for the 18+ legal issue, otherwise it is all about creativity and love for life. How can I enjoy hypnosis personas with a person lacking an imagination? I also can’t do someone who mopes about their age (either end of the spectrum) nor do I worry much about staying in a certain range. One serious long-term relationship was with a guy quite a bit older. Now, my “in everyday life” loves happen to be about the same age — and younger than I am. It all works out in the end, right?

R Says:

More than a handful of messages, including one from R, are quite similar. This one says “Mistress, I’m begging you, please use me”.

ME – It’s safe to guess that R listened to The Apartment – Mind Control session

Beg more.

I’d like at least a page (handwritten) of begging.

K Says:

K writes: Your words are like oxygen

ME – Thank you.

B Says:

What color boat would you pick?

ME – Red, of course. It feels like the traditional narrowboat colour. It also suits me perfectly. Now I just need a catchy name (and funds!)

Persona homework:

I may not have given enough specifics here earlier so I’ll give it another go. I guess you could say I’ve dabbled with furry fandom but never dove in. I couldn’t say what “fursona” fits me best but if I go with one of those personality quizzes, it pegs me as a Fox as I “ strive to find adventure and entertain my hunger for living life.”

ME – I don’t have a fursona, although I often claim to soak up sunshine like a lizard. Something tells me that spotted skink isn’t likely to be a sexy fun fursona for a weekend of play. They’re not even furry!

Anon Says:

What do you notice about a stranger?

ME – This question popped up in my inbox shortly after I published Violet. I’ve hinted at studying others at the library, cafe, and other similar locations. I’m not a stalker, but I do love watching people.

What I notice first? What they’re carrying. This is sadistic of me and my apologies to those of you who will forever be self-conscious. I love watching those come into the cafe around 9:20am with their laptop bags and “I’m gonna get work done” faces on… only for them to look around the room and realize all of the outlets are taken.

Another Says:

I like many adventures. It helps me explore ideas that might not have occurred to me (CEI, feminization, prostrate play.) If the play is something I am not interested in I know new play is right around the corner.

ME – Perfect response and quite true! I have a love for many types of play and enjoy exploring all of them. I think the hypnosis persona play also allows someone to take on (or discard) a variety of roles.

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Eunoia – Questions, auras and your sexy gift

purple blurred background

Today’s Eunoia is exploring our persona for the perfect weekend away. You may watch the images on the video or choose to listen to audio-only.

I also have a surprise for you. Your naughty suggestions and homework inspire creativity in me and led to this play session for us. The session notes are below — be aware that it is sexual, femdom hypnosis play with unquestioning mind control. This may not be for everyone. You’re encouraged to do a hypnosis safeword setting session prior to any play with me.

You are invited to visit my apartment. I know you won’t protest. I know you won’t question or ever ponder what I plan to do with you when you get there.

This sultry session will take you through the experience of visiting an apartment I keep just for you. And when you arrive I will indulge my own desires with the deepest expression of mind control, a total exchange of power to me through hypnotic suggestion.

You are lucky to have such a kind Mistress, Empress, Goddess, who wouldn’t dream of leaving you with the chance of being anything less than perfect. Don’t you want to be perfect?

You will not question me. You will not want to question me. And you will speak in the way that pleases me. I will allow you to say everything you need to say.

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Eunoia – Findom, Pain, and Science

person holding black ceramic teapot

How is that for a title? I’ve been nagged by the SEO program to use variety in titles. And, honestly, I get why a bunch of posts titled “Eunoia – Wednesday” don’t work in the long run. My creativity still goes towards sessions more than SEO – but I’m alright with throwing out nonsensical titles.

Today’s episode actually *does* cover all three of those topics. How, you ask? Because I’m brilliant. And because one gentleman asked about findom, another mentioned pain relief, and the science ties into our personas.

I also mention a library. For those of you who loyally visit SbE, I decided to treat you with part of the story in today’s post. Want all of the story? Convince me. (Ooooh.. that might excite the findom dude! For the low, low price of — wait, I don’t think that’s right.)

Every man has their purpose. That is what the stories say, and while there are elements of that which are true, the reality is that purpose isn’t unique to that specific man. The reality is that those specific purposes can be narrowed down to three main characteristics. Their brain, their beauty and their strength.

Snippet from The Library.

For those of you unfamiliar with findom, I realise I should include a somewhat simplistic definition. Findom stands for financial domination. Simply put, men involved in findom send expensive gifts, give regular sums of money (the amount is set by the woman) or even allow the unknown woman to have complete control over his finances. There is no sexual exchange and in the majority of cases the two never meet. Occasionally men ask their domme to blackmail them, all however, submit in the relationship and expect to be spoken to harshly and insulted.

Now, I know. I know there is JimBob in SmallPlace, DeepSouth who would argue — and his kin would likely agree — that anyone with a Patreon using “adult subject matter” is participating in findom. But what JimBob doesn’t get (other than blowjobs and pegging..) is the reality that there is a difference. One is focused entirely on the money being the thrill. And if people have that as their fetish, I honestly have zero problems with it. Money flows where money flows and I’m a believer in that. I do question why it’s often assumed that “Domme with an online presence” means I’ll participate in findom. Even one of my dearest, loveliest faithful followers fell into that trap when we first met — hinting that he’d be willing to pay more if I could get it out of him.

Maybe it is because of my beliefs regarding money that I can’t take it seriously. I enjoy money, I enjoy gifts, but I also enjoy creativity in all forms. I can’t find the creative angle in it. Maybe if I had a weekend french maid who hung up a tenner with every piece of laundry? That might work.

Does anyone want to play french maid?

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Eunoia – Watch the video. I insist.

photo of masquerade masks

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday. It isn’t the typical Monday month start that I adore, but it is sunny and gorgeous.. and all things spring.

Plus, I have even more naughty pics, videos, and voice files in my inbox. Ooh.. I love being spoiled!

We are jumping right into exploring another type of creativity. It does tie into some smutty-useful-fun sessions coming out during this month.. and, hey, it’s just fun.

I love when we play together in my shared reality. Check over previous days if you want to participate in the Grand Data Collection (aka google forms) on personas and the like. You can use the form to submit your homework. You’re on the honor system for today’s permissive circumstance.

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Eunoia – Eudemonia and Extra Homework

statuette of elephant and hippopotamus on windowsill

Today is the last day of the month, and the last of our Naughty/Nice words for March. Did you catch your word over the last month? If not, you might hear it pop up as we move onto another theme.

If you came to this page from YouTube or your favourite podcast app, the link and an audio explanation of today’s homework can be found here:

Your Homework