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Phantom Butt Plug with Femdom Hypnosis

This is the trailer. The butt plug hypnosis session is free in the shop. But(t) it has a twist. If the session’s tip jar buzzes… you might get to buzz as well. Fun, eh? This session is for the anal play curious or enthusiasts. It isn’t for those who want forced (oh, noes..) into it.

Listen to the trailer and decide if it’s right for you. As always, a hypnosis safeword is encouraged.

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Creativity and Imagination Hypnosis Session

femdom hypnosis session

This is the first of the full length sessions dedicated to creativity and imagination.

There is a disclaimer, in the beginning, warning that a few of the imaginings can be sad. Nothing drastic, one of them includes imagining the choice between a cage or being free. Another imagines a ball as it is used for sports. The reasoning is this builds on that experiencing hardship can increase imagination – due to thinking of creative solutions or simply daydreaming about something better.

Thanks for the well wishes. I think my vaccine experience has been much like others — very sore arm, a bit of aches, and that’s about it. When they ask you which hand you write with be sure to tell them which SIDE you sleep on.

Enjoy the session.

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Flirty French maid trigger session “Pixie”

femdom sissy maid

Pixie is Madam’s pure delight.

Listen to the trailer and decide if being this fun, flirty french maid is right for you. My patrons chose the Eternal Suitor – Sabriel in my April poll, but I couldn’t resist allowing Pixie some playtime.

Find the full session here

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The Eternal Suitor Trigger Session

hypnodomme mind control

Patron’s voted for this session in our April poll.

Happy harem members, be sure to check Patreon for your free download code. It’s a reward for being my muses, my co-creators in this project. You deserve it.

I mulled over what to call my dear when he’s under as Sabriel. I leaned towards the perfect gentleman for quite a while. Yet, is that truly what I want? Someone who could find themselves comfortable in that role and lose the eagerness that I crave? Of course not. 

The next step was to consider the perfect suitor, it has the eagerness implied and the training to become something remarkable. Yet it still lacked *something*.  

I realized that I need to go back to what my original definition had been of a romantic service submissive — the eternal suitor. I’ve been courted by these types over the years and it is like waking in a rom-com — the good spot. Where he has become infatuated with her and she knows it.  

Using hypnosis and all of my tricks, the good spot is where I plan to keep you. My eternal suitor. Sabriel.