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Eunoia – Reach Out

man lying on floor with hands reaching out

Ack. The delay for today’s Eunoia rests on the shoulders of HP. Actually, I s’pose that isn’t fair. It’s mostly on my shoulders for being in denial about my laptop. My laptop that has crossed the ocean a few times, enjoyed loads of video chats, and endless hours as part of the freelance crowd in the cafe — is dying. Maybe it’s pining for the days of backpack life and indie coffee shop music? (I now have a Monty Python sketch in my head – my fav one too!)

It appears the bitcoin, etc, miners have made it ridiculously awkward to shop for a PC. While I am sure I’ll have more coffeeshop days, the reality of Covid has meant over a year of WFH and setting up my environment for it. If you told 2019 me that I would be choosing home office life over my local cafe I would have said “no way”. I also would have scoffed at the idea of wanting a decent graphics card, monitor (I had zero idea they had various mhz), etc.

The new PC should arrive around the end of the month. Meanwhile, my laptop limps on.

It also fits in with today’s Eunoia theme regarding rekindling relationships. I had a moment.. or two.. of being swept up by the Mac love affair before remembering WHY I broke it off after our three-year fling. You see, it decided to be a butt about battery swelling and keys popping off. For a diva that expensive, I needed more from the relationship.

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Eunoia March 19 – Ravished (and a PC)

woman wearing black suede stilettos
food dawn man hands
Photo by C Technical on

And what happened to knights when the rules weren’t followed? According to the code, comeuppance ranged from corporal punishment to losing one’s habit (knight’s robes) to banishment from the brotherhood. Lesser infractions sometimes required the sinner to eat his meals on the floor.

It mostly caught my attention due to the “no pointy shoes” bit. I wonder how many men decided THAT was the final straw and didn’t join up? Chastity? Sure. No napkin? Whatever. Decrease meat? Okay.. but give up my prized pointy shoes?!? Never!

Today’s Eunoia has another chance at the permissive circumstance. It also talks a lot about ravishing.. ravished.. and sex dolls.

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Eunoia – Euphoria and Orgasm Control

close up of tree against sky

Remember our permissive circumstances? Today’s session includes an unlikely (yet fun!) one.

If you’re new or need a refresher The Rules can be found here.

If you’d like to mess with your fellow Happy Harem, send me your ideas for permissive circumstances to weave into Eunoia. I won’t tell you what DAY I plan to use it, but at least you’ll be able to anticipate a few.. right?

Send it to me privately.

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Eunoia – Petrify – P&P pairs.. plus homework

mistress hypnosis

We have a few quirky predator and prey pairs. A new nickname has been introduced. Plus, homework.

This article snippet has nothing to do with erotic hypnosis, but it does offer an interesting insight into snake charming.

Krause says that although animals seem to respond to what we call music, how can we know what they think? “Birds bob their heads to beats, bonobos played keyboard with Peter Gabriel,” he says, “but we’re ascribing our attributes to animals. Show me animals appearing to enjoy music that aren’t captive, that aren’t looking for something to alleviate the boredom.” Krause says that we learned our music from the natural world, and in a few small pockets of the globe, groups of humans still sing with nature rather than to it. The Kaluli in Papua New Guinea, he says, “mix their voices in with the sounds of the forest, which is how we first learned polyphony”—singing with more than one voice. Snake charming also may have begun this way, singing and dancing with the snake. But that was thousands of years ago, before we knew snakes couldn’t even hear that toodley thing.
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Eunoia: Ways to define RESTRAINT – Our WotD.

wild fluffy fox on snowy ground in winter

It’s halfway through March and I’m enjoying our words. Much like the personalised hypnosis sleep sessions, I love the peek into your mind. The reasons behind the word choices have as much variety as the words themselves…

But restraint is a POPULAR choice. It came up more than once.

The predator and prey combos are fantastic and I’ll be sharing a few of them in tomorrow’s Eunoia.

For today, I’ll be returning to my hunt for a new monitor and delving into maid training.

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Eunoia – Wednesday – Predator & Prey

close up photo of owl with one eye open

Fair warning – the website might break off & on today. I’m tinkering.

BBC Racer Snake & Iguana Chase:

Snake and iguana.. Owl and mouse..

Use the feedback form to tell me your favourite duo (anon is fine):

YouTube is having a slow day – video may be unavailable until later.

Patreon – Schedule – About Me — Support me and keep the content coming, plus see what exclusive and early access content you’re missing. Visit and see if I’m accepting patrons, I limit the number to allow for plenty of attention to my happy harem.

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Sunday Eunoia – Together – Review the Week

fill the frame photography of green tree

Like most Sundays, we review and recharge together. For Mistress hypnosis, it is important to create connections of trust and togetherness. It also helps to practice using that brilliant imagination of yours as you condition yourself to the sound of my voice.

It has been a wacky weekend of missing audio. Thanks to my lovelies who are always happy to (kindly) give me a heads up. I think it’s about time we just find an island and all move there instead of using tech. A warm island. Real sand. No snakes.

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Bound for Release – Erotic Hypnosis HFO

femdom hypnosis hfo bondage

Bound for release is an erotic hypnosis session with a game twist. You must listen to the Rules mp3. You will also need the finger snap session to set the trigger before playing.

Earn points in an interesting way, playing again and again until you lose. The session winds up by allowing you to fall into a natural (well-deserved) sleep or to wake fully and get on with your day. You choose.

ONLY Available on Patreon or SbE — will not be published on the podcast or YT due to the content.

This session includes hypnotic bondage, seduction, and sexual suggestions. Privacy required.

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Eunoia: Sensual AND a new hypnotic HFO session..

sensual hypnodomme

I’ll have more information later today regarding the new hypnotic HFO session being released. For those of you listening to this on the podcast, visit the website and skip to the end of the video to see your To-Do. There is homework to finish before you can experience Bound for Release. The good news? I’m guessing quite a few of you have already done it!

The personalised sleep hypnosis sessions continue to be a joy. There’s a teensy weensy temptation there to toy with a few Happy Harem members, but I’ve resisted (so far!).

I’m toying around with a few video ideas for making my YouTube experience enjoyable. Y’all know that I enjoy my chats with you, your personal folders (pics, accountability, etc..) and creating these connections. I don’t enjoy the admin. Begrudgingly, I admit, many do find me via YouTube so I’ll continue there. I need a way to make it less admin and more merrymaking.

I’ve put a poll/post on Patreon asking where we should go for the next Eunoia. If you have a weekly theme idea, make sure you share it. You can do it via the anonymous form if you’re truly feeling shy.

Finally, the shop has been updated to allow for world-wide purchases. If there’s something I dislike more than youtube admin, it is definitely shop/sales drudgery. But this woman deserves a canal boat so I’ve been putting on my “fuck yes go for it”* music and pushing through the doldrums.

Enjoy your day. Watch out for people hidden in alcoves, that bit G2 yesterday. Anyone else catch it?



The video has been fixed to include sound.

* a lot of the music has been recommended by you. Thanks!